• No frost today, but still very sunny. Sent OH out to sweep the deck.

    HEATHER – thanks for correcting me re Carbon Dioxide!

    LINDA – thanks for info re soundbar – hopefully it will be in stock tomorrow. Hope your OH is safe to drive and play golf today!

    LYNETTE – how horrible for you to have so many falls in the one weekend – do you think same cause has made you so prone to falling before? Glad you have been better since coming out of hospital.

    Going to have a wander and look out of bedroom window to check deck! He will have to come in soon to make lunch – a stir-fry so short cooking time, but plenty of prep and chopping.
  • It got warmer here as the morning went on. My OH went to get his hair cut and said "Cut it short" to the lady barber. When he got home, I said "You'll feel the cold!!!" - it's really short :-O

    The young couple next door have already put a small lit up Father Christmas on their front doorstep. I imagine their children's excitement will be off the scale by a fortnight before Christmas!!
  • Thank you for August suggestions and special thanks to KATE for the link to an array of pronunciations. Now I wonder if the family use the English version or, with a French-inspired mother’s name, perhaps the French version. Certainly I shall never be close enough to say "Helloooo my Lovely" !!!

    Nasty sounds (as if dentist drill) from Next-Door as they are having their concrete drive “roughened” in preparation for terrazzo. It is the latest fashion.

    Rant alert. Sudden new regulation that no one allowed in GP clinic unless jabbed. We have no proof as we have no printer and OH cannot use new phone to download “app”. (Another s-i-l tutorial required.) I did some assertive talking and we were eventually allowed in. I asked clinic to printout my vax report, at first they said didn’t have it even though that’s where I had both jabs, but with more insistence they found my record. Somehow they accepted OH for his appt although his jab was at our local chemist and we had no proof. On way home, I did some more assertive speaking and convinced chemist to print a (very scruffy) copy of his first jab. Both “proofs” are now in plastic sleeves by front door ready for future GP & dentist visits. I don’t suppose OH will need proof to get his 2nd jab next week. Stop the world I want to get off.

  • If you are over 50 and don’t have any pain, you’re dead.

    If medicine has made so much progress in the past 20 years, how come you felt better 20 years ago?

    People who exercise live longer. But what’s the point when those extra years are at the gym?

  • Awh! AQ, what shenanygans you,had to go through,but, as to be expected,your no nonsense approach,certainly worked.
    Here in UK,Hubby and I,,were given ,credit card sized cards ,with name of vaccine and date,
    and records automatically sent to GP, from Chemist or Clinics,etc,so all NHS, can view info, at push of a button.
    Also I signed us into,the system,so I can see all our records,this I find very helpful, as am able to read,any conversations and notes,as well as order medication etc.

    Hope the neighbours work will not be ongoing long ,that drilling noise, really penetrates and travels .Grr!!!!!

    Love the quotes, Thank you again.


  • In reply to aquilareen:

    aquilareen said:
    If you are over 50 and don’t have any pain, you’re dead.

    Hmmmmm ........ does discomfort count?  I'm dead if it doesn't.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Good Morning. Dry here & I'm off to the hairdressers.

    AQ - Sorry to hear your tale. You would think that common sense in these matters would prevail. They had your records at the clinic, which should make it much easier, if only they used their brains! We are already finding that life is difficult for those without a smartphone, which surely can't be that unusual amongst us over 60s. I've bought my OH a new phone for Christmas but am now wondering if it will bring even more problems, as he is not "techy" and proposes to run two phones for a while as he loves the small one he already has.

  • Moderately warm and rather drizzly today so final decision to stay home while E-E has gone to Kingstown for M&S, Curry's etc. Garden guy failed to turn up this morning - now rearranged for tomorrow. Been having trouble with internet access this afternoon - I think it is bothered by too much Black Friday activity (which is/was Black Friday this year? It seems to have been on for a month!) J went out for breakfast this morning and is now cleaning the kitchen. E-E made quite an impact on the deck yesterday with the stiff broom, so hoping to whooosh with the power washer tomorrow.

    Received first Christmas Card today, a recycled one - from Dau#2, the one in Muir of Ord. Have non-letter ones here ready to post, but not sending yet. Wrapped our in-house presents last evening, and a big advent thingy for the Aberdeenshire family which will cost a fortune to post!

    AQ - covid records there sound as chaotic as they are here. congrats on the assertiveness, and well done obtaining some proof for the two of you.

    LINDA - happy haircut day - are you going short like OH? I shall be glad when Nicole decides she feels sufficiently recovered from birth of little (well, 9lb) Louis to return and cut mine! Enjoyed the "Christmas Tree" picture - ours will emerge from the lost the Saturday before Christmas - and return to the loft as soon as I dare suggest it!
  • I think discomfort counts, Clare. And if it does, then I am very much alive! Occasional pain but managed with continued stretching and exercise and being in nature. I wouldn’t go back to younger years for any amount of money.

    I am very off of Xmas this year, so along with Linda, no decorations are going up this year. Of course, I qualify it with living alone and having no children or associated kids. And that I’m planning Chinese New Year cards for February. :-D

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