Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 24 October 2021


Sorry this new thread is later than usual.

Have a good week, all!

  • Thank you, DIANE.
    Please remember to eat, drink and rest. This current project seems to be a biggie.
  • Thank you, Diane. I echo Heather's comments - take care of yourself as you work.

    Lindy - Meant to respond to your post yesterday re the elderly lady you met in the supermarket. I do hope you meet her again and can tell her what a lift she gave you when you were not feeling your best. One of those 'angels' we meet along the way that makes life just a little easier.
  • Thank you DIANE. I too echo HEATHER's & PAT's comments.
  • Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?

    I clean when I am frustrated. So if you show up unannounced and our house is clean. . . You might want to reconsider your visit.

    Yesterday my husband thought he saw a cockroach in the kitchen. He sprayed and cleaned everything thoroughly. Today I’m putting the cockroach in the bathroom.

  • LOL, AQ!!

    Thank you to Diane for starting us off again, even though she's busy at present. Take care of yourself, Diane <hugs>

    Good Morning. A beautiful pink sky just now out of my bedroom window, as the sun comes up. Its trying to rain as my OH prepares for his dog walk.

    Hoping for a day pottering about with not much pressing. Have a nice Sunday, everyone.
  • We have a fuchsia bush which revels in the cooler temps at this time of year, and bursts into colour to cheer us up.

  • No, it's not Christmas yet, but the holly in our front garden is ablaze with berries, which will soon be eaten by the birds.

  • Couldn't post last week for some reason. Hope you are all ok and no disasters.
  • LINDY - I do hope that you will soon get some answers regarding your health.
  • Dibnlib: A few people had problems even getting on here, and some like me, had to keep signing in every time. Hopefully resolved now - fingers crossed!

    Heather: I await developments this week as should get results from some tests I've had. So far, all we know for sure is what it isn't....... (My OH is worried but trying not to show it, & we haven't told anyone in the family that I've been seeing the Doc.)