Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 10 October 2021

  • LINDY - Have a great weekend! I hope that ' they ' will soon find out what ails you.

  • In reply to Clare:

    Clare: R.T. Hawk and his mate are still here. R.T. flew above me when I walked up the hill to town to the little general store the other day, and I said hello to him.

    I haven't seen them as much because they've been roosting back in the flood plain along the creek. They used to roost in my tall pine tree across from my front door, but they've moved back further into the woods on the other side of my house. The old pine tree had shed some limbs during last winter's blizzard. That may be why. Also, human encroachment may be a factor.

    My nearest neighbor at the beginning of the lane has a hunting gun and may have spooked them. He had to quit his long-time job due to health issues, and he's home more. Also, the pub on the highway has been busier and noisier. (I hate that pub.)

    The hawks may be a little wary of the new Black Vulture species that has moved into this area. Black Vultures will take prey; they don't settle for eating carrion. They're very large and intimidating looking birds who've moved in from the south (probably due to climate change). Unlike the hawks, the Black Vultures travel in flocks.

    In the woods, there's a breeding ground for snakes along an old railroad trestle, and R.T. loves to eat snake. He and his mate nest back there, so I reckon they've just decided that it's a safer, more remote place to be. They still fly over my house all the time, and R.T sits in an old locust tree behind my garage a lot. They had at least one offspring make it to adulthood this year. I watched him when he fledged and was learning to fly. I haven't seen any squirrels this summer, so I suspect the hawks have been hunting my land.

    I'm glad the hawks have moved back a little bit. My neighbor now has a a few chickens in a small coop, but much of the time the chickens run around wild. I'm afraid of what the neighbors might do to RT and his mate if they were to raid the chickens, so it's probably a good move for the hawks. 

    I'm glad to hear that you've booked for your next holiday! It's so wonderful that you and Limpy enjoyed this year's journey. I'm going to sit down and peruse your photographs more slowly after I've met my freelance deadline. You are such a talented photographer. 

  • LINDA - sorry about additional symptoms - I hope you get a conclusive diagnosis. Enjoy your weekend.

    ANNETTE - sorry about threat of worsening fires - hope you won't get smoke inhalation.

    DIANE - sorry the deadline is so demanding.

    "Boys" did a big dust-bunny eviction in the study on Wednesday - I am sneezing dust ever since, accompanied by headache. But it does looks a lot better.

    Found a different maintenance company who will paint our window frames - proper written quote, expected start date and promise of a guarantee! Hope this one will actually do it, they sound excellent. Now looking for suitable landscape/garden company to change garden layout.
  • Sounds interesting, OG - the garden project. What are you planning?
  • Been on the big beach -- Bonnie had just rolled on a disgusting rotted dead fish, here.  We had to drive back to base with all the windows open. My OH has washed her with doggy shampoo and now they're sitting outside, drying off!!

    (Good job it's sunny today!)

  • Diane, interesting to me that the RT prefer snake over rodents!? How lovely to have witnessed the fledgling from your back yard, as well as the various environmental factors for their movements. Imagining the landscape around your house was also quite enjoyable to me. I hope your neighbor's chickens do not experience distress, though I am glad they are running free!

    Linda, I'll bet your dog was disappointed to have washed off all that scent she collected on the beach! Dead animals and poo seem to be irresistible to dogs!

    Hoping to hear from Annette about the fires around her. The West coast is plagued with drought and fires.

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  • In reply to CC:

    CC: One time, my car battery was dead and I hooked the charger up to it and ran the extension cord indoors to plug it in on my enclosed porch. When the battery was fully charged, I was standing at the window on the porch dragging the extension cord through the grass. The cord is green, and R.T. thought it was a snake moving through the yard. He bulleted through the air and picked the cord up in his talons. When he realized it wasn't a snake, I swear he scowled at me! LOL LOL
  • Hello all, not posted all week and have just done a very quick scan of the weeks messages.

    Thanks for all your news. Clare, pics of Mull are wonderful and pleased to hear you will be going back next year.

    Not a lot happening down here. Still waiting for the diabetic nurse to get back to OB re possible insulin injections.
    We are both going for our Covid booster on 30th October. I am supposed to be classed as a vulnerable adult whilst OH is not although I would have thought him more than myself. Had the callup and at the same time OH had a letter to make an appointment. Had already made mine so asked if he could tag along and they gave the OK.
    Still having to wear masks in church but at least we are singing again. Glad when the leap of faith is taken and we can be maskless.

    Weather has been quite dull down hear with the sun breaking through late afternoon for a while. Been dry though.

    Have a lovely weekend all doing what you want to do.


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  • ANNETTE – I saw a report that 90 rattlesnakes had been hibernating under a house in your part of the world!!! I’d be too scared to step outside.

    Just a thought

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  • Good Morning. Dry here again (hooray!) so hoping to go out shopping for grub, plus a poke around.

    Hope Annette is alright and not affected by fires or rattlesnakes. Annette, I tried the exercises for the crystals in the ear thing, but it's not quite that kind of dizziness. Not like anything I've had before.

    CC -- Bonnie has eaten some awful things in her time. Only last week she ate half a squirrel and a whole dried up corn cob in a field! She used to roll in poos but thankfully now is only interested in dead creatures. Doesn't seem to care about the awful smell.

    I was very tired yesterday so am hoping that today I'll be recovering. Hope everyone has a good weekend.