Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 10 October 2021

  • LINDA –We were not permitted to have flu jab at same time as covid – needed to wait 2 weeks. I’m not surprised you need another 2 jabs for booster. The more the merrier??? Do you mind me asking - have all your jabs been AstraZeneca? Due to A-Z reluctance in Aussieland, the makers in Melbourne are going to cease production soon. It has been only for over 60s because of rare blood clot problem. Oldies should be doubled jabbed soon and Younger (over 12) have been getting Pfizer or Moderna. So far only immune-compromised get booster here.

  • Just a thought

    Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star. (W Clement Stone)

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Lindybird said:
    3rd disappointment was being handed a leaflet which said it was only one of 2 jabs I would need! Had no idea it was in 2 parts.     :-((

    Lindy .Wonder if that leaflet was the original,handed out with first jab,on, what  to expect etc ????

    Did they mention,you would have to return for 2nd?

    Incidentally,which Jab was it ?

    Hope you will feel the benefit soon. Take care

    AQ  .Always love reminder  of today's quote.Thank you


  • Good Morning. Have a sore arm and a slight headache, but seem to be OK after my jab. Both of my original jabs were Astra Zenica but my OH had the opposite: on a different day he had the Pfizer. Now, my latest booster jab was a Pfizer and the Doc who gave it to me said that was what they were using in all cases at the moment.

    Am going to see my GP this morning (Yay!) as I've had ongoing problems and endless blood tests as she tries to get to the bottom of it. I've had balance problems and combined with my arthritis it's made me feel increasingly wobbly. I'm hoping she might have news but am expecting to be told I'll need yet more tests....
  • ps. SunnyKate - maybe you're right, and it was one of the original leaflets given out when we all had two jabs - I guess I'll have to wait & see! I asked Sue as she had her booster a few days before me, but she is someone who can't be bothered to read it.
  • I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your chat and photos - thanks to all.
  • I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your chat and photos - thanks to all.
  • Said twice so they must have been good !
    I've got my flu jab and booster covid next Monday. Pfizer for the first and second, assume the same for this one
    I'm not important enough to get a letter, I just get phone texts from the GP surgery !
  • Annette: I hope you're far enough away from the Alisal Fire. I looked at a map, but I always find it difficult to get perspective. California is so big.

    All: I'm working on a really, really (really) awful deadline, so I'm not posting much although I've been looking in when I take breaks. Sending you all good vibes. 

  • Annette: Looks like they're evacuating folks to your area. Stay safe.