Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 26 September 2021

  • Good Morning. All the News lately is about the shortage of petrol/fuel. We had enough in the tank to get us home but not enough to go anywhere else whilst here, so tried to queue up for some yesterday. When we finally reached the pumps after15 mins, the girl said over the tannoy "we have no diesel left". If only they'd put a notice up! Later, my OH went out in search and bought £20 worth of diesel which will help us get about- sensibly they had a £25 limit on their pumps which makes you wonder why no one did that days ago!
  • Hello all and thank you for the news and chat. I'm very lazy about writing but do like to know what everyone else is doing :-)

    ANNETTE- Sounds if you needed a quiet day after daughter's visit, walking the dog etc! And then you sorted out the guest bedroom straight away -I've been known to leave doing that for a few days..
    LYNETTE - I do hope that the diabetes nurse will be able to help with your OHs tiredness.
    LINDY- is this your last visit to Wales this year? Autumn is definitely here, a whole big 6 degrees early this morning here. Regarding tradesmen, the good ones have regular customers who don't ask for a quote and therefore are always busy and have little time to travel and give quotes for a job that they may not get. At least, that is my experience
    OG - I'm sorry that J didn't get the job but as you say, a good interview experience will boost his morale.
    I hope you get your repairs and replacements soon. I know that you have appliance insurances so I suppose that repairs have to be attempted. My OH was never interested in insurances, only the house and the car !
    Son in law is hanging about in Perth, WA, waiting to go offshore. Since he left Scotland everything has been going wrong! The cat has brought mice into the house (live ones!), my daughter has a trapped nerve somewhere in her neck, causing great pain, the roof has sprung a leak and their oldest daughter has what sounds suspiciously like appendix pain. Oh dear !!
    I'm just pottering along as usual, doing what I feel like doing when the mood takes me...
    I know I've missed out replies to DIANE, PAT, CC, I read all your posts, thank you again!

  • Pouring rain here but the wind we had yesterday has now dropped, thankfully.

    AQ - That's shocking. I used to get dirty windowsills when I lived in the city of Liverpool, years ago, and wondered how much of the dust I was breathing in, then.
  • Just seen your post, Heather - we are hoping to come here again shortly, sandwiched between a visit to our Youngest next week and Sue coming here during half term at the end of October. Whether we come here again after that will be weather dependant!
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    LINDY: I wondered how all of you were coping, especially those who are or have been travelling. The media reporting on the British fuel shortage is quite dire over here. I especially was concerned that you would have enough to get home, but I figured it would be nosy to ask. LOL!

    OG: Is the fuel shortage also in Scotland? I was concerned about you and Eagle-Eye--in case you would need to get to a hospital.

    Take care, all.

    P.S. I wasn't being judgmental. The entire U.S. federal government could shut down on Thursday and the country could default on our debt!!!

  • Good morning. We had a lovely surprise yesterday - Son in Law S turned up on the doorstep and spent over an hour with us! He didn't intend to surprise us, but people don't realise that we don't keep mobile phones switched on permanently so OH had not seen his message. J said to me after that I usually say I don't like people turning up but I said S isn't people, he is S! He was returning the maps he had borrowed for the Three Peaks and told us more about the trip with ex s-i-l. There was some family news too: Dau #1 has really bad sciatica and can't stay asleep more than a couple of hours; she can move, but can't keep still! GDau#1 has had her colonoscopy and gets biopsy result next week, GDau#2 (still awaiting her midwifery appeal decision) has a temporary job at school - she was there helping with covid testing and Head offered her work!

    Good to hear from you all as usual. Too wet for me to go out with OH today, but I have the usual correspondence and paprerwork to catch up this afternoon. We are keeping both cars filled with fuel to cover any emergencies - mine holds a huge volume of diesel, and J's is not a thirsty car - very small vehicle. He can start driving this coming weekend six months after his change of medication so will probably make a celebratory trip to Gretna Gateway.
  • The sun came out here, mid afternoon when I was asleep!

    OG - Mixed news, then - nice to have a surprise visit from someone you want to see, but I'm sorry to hear about your daughters sciatica.

    Diane - Be as nosey as you like! I'll answer most things but might clam up on some, LOL!! Our big car holds a lot of fuel so we came on a nearly full tank. It's usually much cheaper here than where we live, so we used to fill up to go home, in the past. Prices vary widely throughout the country and of course are the most expensive on the motorways. There are, of course, lots of jokes going around about the shortages.

  • Good evening, all. We (sadly) left Mull at midday and are now in our lovely little B&B near Lockerbie. The good news is we've got a fair amount of fuel in the car ........ the bad news is it won't get us all the way home. Lockerbie itself has completely sold out of diesel - we'll be trying Gretna and Carlisle in the morning.

    What a great holiday we've had, despite weather and cancelled boat trip. I'm really looking forward to looking through all my photos and posting a few!

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Clare - Sorry to hear you are on your way home ... Mull is a very difficult place to leave. But hope you manage to locate diesel tomorrow, and have a good trip home. Looking forward to the photographs ... lots?!?!?

    Hope everyone else is managing to get petrol/diesel as necessary. Fortunately I filled up the weekend before all this stupidity started - and because I've been ill since then the tank is still full. Supposed to be going out for a walk tomorrow, but at the moment it's raining hard and looks as though it's set in for a while.

    Pushed for time at the moment, so although I have read everything I can't go back and reply. You are all in my thoughts, whatever the situation with you. Hope to be a bit more 'engaged' soon.