Weekly Chat (non-osprey) Sunday, September 12, 2021

  • Good Morning. Sunny here again, so we're hoping to avoid any of the rogue showers which are about.

    CC - Sounds like a successful trip. I like to travel but it's always good to get home.

    I think it was me who mentioned The Trossachs as a possibility for next year. Maybe as we've all been chatting lots about Scotland as a destination lately its got muddled somewhere.

    My OH has got out of bed aching after two long days of golf, and is vowing not to do two days together in future!

  • LINDA – we have received nothing to say we are double jabbed – good thing we don’t go to football matches or foreign holidays! I hope your OH’s card will turn up. I hope his aching legs improve quickly for the next golfing date!

    CC – don’t know who you are! Did you appear when I was “off sick”? Glad the trip was okay.

    LYNETTE – sorry, I was sure you were going on a coach trip to the Trossachs – must have confused you with somebody else! The “boys” completed the three peaks and collected lots of sponsor money for Cancer Research.

    PAT – I hope you are resting this weekend!

    Looks like another catch-up day here – how did we fit in what we have recently stopped doing? Trying to fit in ordering a new mattress for J – trouble is, it needs to be a three-way choice, so all available at the same time.
  • Thank you for all your good wishes over my rather confused and dramatic trip up to Scotland and back. Now safely home again, and my eye is almost back to normal.

    OG - I wish! At the moment I'm being a bit naughty and typing this while online at District Synod! Thank goodness I had the option not to drive to Worthing but can remain at home and still participate! And Sunday a day of rest? Hmm - I don't think so!

    Clare - Don't know when you are off to Mull. If you are still at home next Saturday morning, Radio 4 has a programme called 'Ramblings', and Clare Balding and ... someone else ... will be walking on Mull, between Carsaig and LochBuie beach.

    Better get back to Synod ...
  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    Hi OG, You probably don't know me since I normally have posted on the LG nest page, but have not for a couple seasons. I'm an ospreyholic from the US and have learned a lot from you UK osprey fans! I know a few folks here from back then, and am fitting back in slowly! Now that I am a few years retired, I thought I would have more time, but it seems I fill up whatever time I have... Good  to meet you all.

    Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye said:
    CC – don’t know who you are! Did you appear when I was “off sick”? Glad the trip was okay.

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  • Morning all:

    CC: Re retirement, I've no idea how I managed to work a fulltime job and do everything else back then. I've a horrible feeling I was far more efficient.....

    OG: Is that a three-way choice of mattresses or bodies?  :-)   CC is in upstate New York, conveniently close to the Canadian border where Diane and I can meet up in case things get flakey again in the U.S. - or should I say even more flakey?    Apropos of nothing in your post I see that in Germany, where they're about to hold elections, the far-right party has lost some of its clout compared to several years ago.  

    PatO: Hope nobody at the Synod detects your extra-curricular chatting. 

    Looks like daughter and granddaughter - and possibly Ms. D - will be here for the night next Tuesday.  Daughter got in a fight with a picket fence about 6 weeks ago (she lost) and has been going to wound care folks in AZ.   It's almost healed but it's a long drive so g/daughter will bring her  Also looks like we'll be having an impromptu and early b/day celebration for them both, with grandson coming by after work.  I still expect to be in AZ mid-October for a few days when great-gdaughter will be off school for a week.  All a bit up in the air, but that's families for you.

  • Lindy and anyone else interested, you can get a letter to confirm that you are vaccinated. Look online for details, or I think the phone no. is 119. My OH got ours this way. It is valid for this country at least. You may need an app. for abroadshire!

    Thanks to all for news. I have been rather pre - occupied with events here, and family 'stuff'. How did I ever get involved in the running of this place? As others have said, it all takes longer now.
  • Annette - Hopefully they didn't notice - but the sharp-eyed among them may have spotted I actually fell asleep during the afternoon session! Fortunately the pictures are so tiny when there are lots of people on a Zoom call, so I may have got away with it ... but I had a nice lunch, the sun was shining through the window, the sound was very contorted ... need I say more???

    Now to catch up on the rest of my day. Almost six hours at an online meeting doesn't leave a lot of time for real life.