Weekly Chat (non-osprey) Sunday, September 12, 2021

Hallo all!

  • Was glued to the U.S. Women's Open this afternoon - what amazing young women! Such good and powerful players, but glad that Emma managed to pull it off. . This morning, I went to a 9/11 Memorial ceremony at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse's Sunken Garden - a touching event; modest, but nicely done.

    Hope everyone has a good Sunday.
  • Thanks ANNETTE for starting us off. We have had 9/11 reports & memories all week; not sure if there is an official memorial.

    HEATHER – Interesting to read the “inside” story of s-i-l’s hotel. We do hear more about complaints – boring food, no fresh air, lack of exercise, etc. But what choice is there in a covid hospital? These days our weather is changeable from showers to sunny days to showers. By the time he emerges, many more warmer days.

    BTW If a family is in quarantine, extra adults pay $1,000, children $500 and under 3’s are free. It would be so difficult cooped up with young children –TV cartoons all day?

  • Just a thought

    Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. (Mother Teresa)

  • Annette: Thank you for starting the thread. I got sidetracked. I went to the convenience store on the highway to get a burrito. After I walked back home, said hello to my chicken friend, and microwaved the burrito, I realized I forgot to start the thread. You'd already done it. 

  • Hey DIane:  No biggie.  I love burritos; hope your feathered buddy is doing well....   :-)

    Hey AQ!

  • AQ - just had to tell you how efficient things are at the Playford ! Son in law has had first PCR and today three calls enquiring about his health and welfare etc. One from the police, one from a nurse and one from a doctor. All his rubbish, food containers etc has to be bagged up and they will tell him when he can put it out for disposal outside his room. He assumes that they will wait to know his covid status regarding that.

  • OH Annette, Star Date with Sandy Wood! I had forgotten until you mentioned it now, but I loved it. No longer broadcast here.

    Sorry I have been out of town and have missed all the news. Must go back to review!
    (Oops, replied to last week's thread.)

    AQ, happy to hear about the successful vaccination, what a relief. To my happy surprise, the mason who came yesterday to discuss my repair arrived with a mask on, vaccinated. I just had a PCR test yesterday in time for driving to Canada for the Shaw Festival for a couple days. My friend is excited to go, but it has been a hassle of figuring out border requirements and safety concerns at B&B, restaurants and performances, especially since she has metastatic cancer and her father who is 94 is also coming. I'm sure it will be fine, but I'd just as soon stay home! What a lazy fuddy duddy I have become.

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  • My niece competed the Great North Run for the 2nd time this morning (13.1 miles). It is hard to believe that she used to be so obese that she struggled to walk the length of her living room.

    Fabulous tennis match last night.
  • CC: You can still get StarDate online, but you have to pay for the daily one or you can get 'yesterday's' podcast for free,which may or may not still be relevant...   Are you and friends driving to the Shaw Fest or part of a tour?   What are you going to see?  Good luck with the trip.

    Heather:  The Playford sounds impressive; also the follow ups from the medical folks.  So efficient.

    dibnlib:  That's a brilliant achievement for your niece.  How did she get motivated to make such a change?

  • Hello, just reporting in to say that we're back home again after a successful trip. Only one hiccup on return journey as they had closed a road completely, so a many mile detour ensued but we got back on track & stopped for a yummy piece of quiche in a cafe, on the way.

    Amber after insisting on sucking on her slice of lemon which was in her lemonade on Saturday: