Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 1 August 2021

  • Clare: I've just looked at all your photos that you posted on a prior thread from your Seal Watching Boat Trip. Your pics were all wonderful. Of course, I especially enjoyed the seal photos. They are such engaging and beautiful creatures. Alas, no seals in Indiana. Thanks for posting! I hope you and Limpy had a wonderful time!!!

    EDIT: Clare, I've also viewed your Red Kite photos from the Wales trip. Very, very lovely. Those birds are such a beautiful color. More intense than R.T. Hawk. I always enjoy the gulls. Loved all these. THANKS!

  • OG and EE: I am so very happy that OG is now back at home. I hope you are recuperating, growing stronger, and feeling much better, OG! Thanks for keeping us updated, EE. I hope you're getting some rest. I'm glad the new vehicle served its purpose. Sending you all good energy. 

    Heather: I hope the insomnia is abating and you're sleeping well now. Would chamomile tea help bring on sleep for you? Maybe a melatonin supplement for temporary use? Anyway, sending you relaxation.

    All, I am settling in after being away, and I'll try to be better about following the thread. I know there are some I've neglected. Forgive me.

    Take care, all, and stay safe. 

  • An outing this morn to “post” library books in After Hours chute, followed by a short photo excursion. It was lovely to be outdoors. Showers predicted later & rest of week.
  • My people skills are fine. It’s my tolerance that could use some work (t shirt)

    Success didn't spoil me, I've always been insufferable. (Fran Lebowitz)

    Eagles may soar high, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines. (John Benfield)

  • Good Morning. Slept in today so must've needed a bit of sleep!

    Diane, don't worry about keeping up with everyone, just get yourself settled back in at home.

    Clare, I enjoyed your Red Kite photos but must admit I was too busy to look at the seal ones, must go back now and have a look. Seals are so tranquil (well, most of the time..).

    Hope that things are going well in the OG/EE household.
  • LINDY: I'm so very sorry about the loss of your brother's wife. I wish we could get this awful disease under control on a global scale. Your recent photos of your grandchildren were lovely. You must be so proud of them!

  • Thank you, Diane. Yes, I'm very proud of our offspring- as our d.in law fastened her 3 children into the back of the car, to leave, I said "We are all so lucky". They behaved impeccably here and we had lovely couple of hours with them. We are conscious that we are lucky to have grandchildren, and that they are all, fingers crossed, a healthy bunch.

    As I was in the kitchen busily cutting up blocks of cheese, I did miss some of the fun they had, running around in the garden. They were not meant to be here for lunch so it was a rather loaves and fishes event as I scraped something together. In the end, all was well, and they went on their way clutching a box of cakes for home.
  • I'm not sure, LINDY, what behaving impeccably means !! My family by and large, are quite noisy but what the heck ! My OHs grandchildren were so quiet and shy - so we almost split up when he was exposed to some of mine. They were/are never rude etc but oh my goodness, having fun inevitably means noise...
    CLARE and DIANE - I haven't looked at your links yet, but intend to do so later today.

  • I meant that they were polite, and did as they were told Heather. They did plenty of running around and shouting!!

    Young Tomasz also looks after his little sister so well- he is now 10 going on 11, and she is only 2. At one point I saw her out of the corner of my eye going towards the hallway and hence the open front door- before I could rush after her, he was there and steering her back into the room and distracting her from wondering why daddy had gone out to the car for something.
  • Clare, I thoroughly enjoyed your seal pictures. I find that sailing boats of all kinds always catch my eye, they're so graceful. I loved the colourful seals and their pups!! You did have a good trip!!

    We see lots of oystercatchers when in Wales and they are fun to watch at dusk.