• Oh No ... another one lost!!

    20:00   095 is eating when most probably 096 flies by and she starts flapping her wings

    095 drags the fish round keeping possession

    and then flies off with it!!

    20:03   095 returns, fishless 

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  • Maya and 096 could well be feeding off the nest, keeping out of 095's way.

    Richard B

  • Good Evening All and thank you for continual updates which are so much appreciated and especially to Karen.
    We have been at Manton Bay this afternoon and up until the last fish delivery but were struggling to report as needed to try and observe the different goings on and behaviour! 096 was in a tree out of the way! Maya was in a tree out of the way, couldn't see her but she may well have been close to 096 providing support in fish calling! They took to the air quite a bit and Maya tried to fish but she didn't catch anything! She sat on a low perch in the middle of the water for awhile and again never seen her do this before! Maya and 096 had no food whilst we were there from 13.45 to 19.45. 095 had 3 deliveries of fish a small one that she ate 2 she flew with and dropped!
    The family seems split at the moment and behaviour is very different. I hope tomorrow is more promising and Maya can get a fish and share with 096!
  • Morning ALL 

    05:40    095 is on the nest and calling

    she is on and off a few times 

    06:43  095 returns and calling

    06:44  FISH

    quickly taken by 095

    33 flies off

    and tucks in

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  • 07:03  095 still eating but aware of someone around 

    07:04   095 leaves the fish

    Maya arrives and grabs it

    07:04  Maya flies off with the fish

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  • 07:06  Maya returns with the fish

    07:06   096 approaches and briefly lands

    and 095 launches at him.  

    096 flies off - 095 wing flaps 

    07:09   096 is trying to land but 095 remains defensive - she will not let 096 on the nest!

    095 takes off most likely after him!

    Maya remains on the nest and eats some fish

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  • 07:07  Maya has finished and looking around

    07:18   096 arrives and takes the fish from Maya

    good to see him!

    096 mantles over the fish

    096 is unsettled - mantling and unable to eat

    07:21  096 flies off with the fish

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

    Hopefully 096 can hold on to this fish and find somewhere to eat in peace!! 

  • LAM :  -   thanks very much for your account of yesterday's activity.   

    Delighted to see you have made it back for another visit.   Interesting you write about how different it appears this year and how the family appears split - exactly my thoughts too!   095 is very dominant and personally, I cannot see 095 changing towards 096.

    On a positive note to start the day you will see from my posts above that Maya has had some fish and 096 managed to get the fish but unable to eat on the nest and flew off with it.  Hopefully you can find out from the team viewing off cam if 096 managed to hold on to it and find a place to eat.   I hope so!

    Anyway, have a great day and look forward to any news you can share later.   

  • 095 has returned and guarding the nest!

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

    busy day but will try to look in later  BFN

  • In reply to Karen:

    Thank you Karen. Let's hope Maya and 096 get a meal today fingers crossed.
    Current position 095 commanding her position on the nest, 096 on 33's perch, Maya on her perch and 33 just set off from tree possibly off fishing!
    Looks a bit more like usual at the moment!