Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 30 May 2021


I hope everyone has a good week and a joyful, healthy, safe summer.

I think some of you might enjoy this recent OSPREY PHOTO. It's on the Facebook page of Dr. Frans de Waal, the renowned primatologist and biologist. (The page is safe and free of any malware.)

  • Thanks DIANE for starting us off. What a great osprey photo. . . and the others too especially the crested pigeon which we get occasionally in our backyard.

    HEATHER – I hope Dau’s move went well without any breakages, either of goods or relationships.

    HARELADY - Good to see you again. I do wonder if those expensive wines actually taste so much better. Of course the purchasers wouldn’t admit it, would they?

    DIBNLIB – Yes, I too photo-ed Eilean Donan Castle. I checked my travel album - only one photo & a postcard. This was a 6-week trip in 1998 before digital photos and although I was careful not to snap away too much, I came back with 13 rolls of 36 to be developed. Now I can easily snap 200 in a day!

    LINDA – Another exciting day with family. How long since you last saw Amber?

    OG – My head is spinning with all those bins and timing. Our council is having a trial with food scraps in corn starch bags to be placed in “green” bin with garden stuff. Participants get a special sticker and their bin is collected weekly (not fortnightly). I inter veggie scraps in my veggie garden and I can’t be bothered saving 2 chop bones and training OH to place tissues in special caddy.

    A wee bit nippy this morn. 2.2 C while I was still snuggled beneath my doona. Despite the sunshine I am too cold to venture out as planned on an early photo excursion. The buildings will still be there next week or whenever.

  • (welcome doormats)

    I hope you told us you were coming.

    Just text us when you’re here. No need to knock and get the dogs involved.

    There’s a 98% chance I’m peeking through the blinds.

  • Diane:  Thank you - and that's a fantastic photo of the osprey plus hitchhiker.

    AQ;   Other doormats:    "Oh no, not you again" and "Did you bring the wine?

    A good day here (for the most part).  Picked up some plant cuttings from my yoga teacher, did a bit of grocery shopping, handed over some paint brushes (unearthed in the garage last week) to one of the 30 people who responded to my "Free Artist's Paint Brushes" on craigslist, then went to the gym where - ahem - someone who shall remain nameless didn't pay attention to where she was replacing the10lb weights and one of them rolled off the uneven surface and onto her toe.  Ouch. Same nameless person was making a salad this evening, gave the container of crumbled Feta cheese a shake to loosen up the chunks, but the lid was loose (sounding familiar?)  and found herself, the kitchen countertop and the floor covered with small chunks of cheese.   Applying the 'ten-second' rule, scooped up the larger chunks and dumped them on the salad.   Onward and upward.

    Have a good Sunday all.

  • Good Morning and Thank You to Diane for starting us off. I saw the amazing Osprey picture before but didn't know how to put it on here. Pretty cool!

    Sad news from Glaslyn Osprey watch, where we often go to see them when in Wales, as they have now lost all three chicks in spite of a successful hatching. The male has lost some feathers but looks like he's recovering now.

    We are in full Granddaughter mode, as Amber is making her presence felt after our not seeing her since last August!! Of course, both she and her hair have grown. She was overjoyed to see Bonnie again. We ditched the cone as Bonnie could still stretch out her leg and reach the affected toe. My OH bound up her foot in an old sock to keep it clean.

    Sunshine here so hope everyone in UK has a good day.

  • Amber on my OHs knee, looking out for birds.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    LINDY Yes, socks can come in useful as dog bandages.

    So sad about the chicks

    Such fun you have Amber to is it at last.
  • Thank you, DIANE
    Moving day went well, just one weepy meltdown from middle daughter. They tried their best regarding social distancing etc and not too many in one house at a time. Then their new neighbour arrived at the door with a tray of tea ! It was a kind thought and reminded me of how things used to be...
  • Hello, ALL - and hello summer! Young Starlings around in full force - and volume! Other birds are all happy. Mice seem to have moved out for summerr - probably on the bye-pass embankment.

    DIANE - thanks for the start and the wonderful Osprey link.

    AQ - I suppose you can't expect to enjoy cooler days if you don't also endure nippy nights! Loved the doormat humour!

    ANNETTE - so the mishaps are catching you at the gym as well as in the kitchen! Try to stay safe.

    LINDA - Amber looks interested in the birds - hope that continues. How long is she staying with you - I believe it is a half term break in Engkand? I am sure she will take Bonnie's mind off the painful toe.

    HEATHER - sounds as if your Daughter has at least one kind neighbour - pleased the removal went well with all hands on deck. I hope she will now relax a bit - and you too.

    Mowing day today, so I am staying indoors to avoid hayfever. OH had to raise the blade because grass had grown too long, so I expect he'll have to do it again next weekend.
  • Heather- glad all has gone well with the move.

    OG - Amber is staying until Tuesday but is off school until the following Tuesday. She is going to spend some time with her other granny, & then have a weekend at home as her mum has had to work this week. She enjoyed today but then became very tired after the excitement of it all.
  • We had fun in the park & enjoyed the swings,  then watched the moorhens & ducks on the water. So annoying to see people feeding the birds with bread even though there are notices up about it!

    Amber managed all of this enormous ice cream and then only an hour or so later ate a child sized pizza in the pub restaurant we went to. My OH and I had a delish lasagne with an 'Italian Salad' ( which had a lemony dressing) and our Eldest had steak & ale pie. All very good and the staff couldn't have been more helpful.