Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 23 May 2021




A total lunar eclipse will occur this week. AQ will be able to see the entire eclipse from start to finish! Annette will see both the partial and total eclipse. I will see a partial eclipse. I'm so sorry, UK folks, you will need to stream it online, which is still a good show. You can live stream it HERE at the Time and Date YouTube site. 

Insert your location at the Time and Date website to see when to watch the eclipse in your time zone. For most of us, it will happen on 26 May, Wednesday. You can find info and answers to questions at the NASA site.

I hope everyone has a beautiful summery week and finds some joy!!!

Here are the eclipse times in UTC time.

  • Diane: Thank you for the new week and for all the eclipse info and all the links. I'm not sure I'll be awake......

    Lindybird: Gosh, a real shock for your OH. That's awful.

    Has been a busy and discombobulating day. Planning a calmer day tomorrow (but best laid plans and all that...) :-)
  • Thank you DIANE for the eclipse info. Alas, Adelaide’s forecast is for showers Tues to Thurs. Perhaps they will be wrong again, or at least for Wed evening.

    This morn I set out with camera before 9 am to capture some buildings visible now the autumn leaves have fallen. Some parts of the city centre were deserted and car parks easy to find but none available in 2 streets I wanted. I shall have to bus in and walk to those some other day. I was home in time to “go to church” online. It did feel strange but my church is likely to be crowded and masks are mandatory if more than ¾ full.

    LoL has 3 chicks. Hooray!

  • My Saturday was going pretty well until I realized it was Sunday.

    Most of us spend the first six days of each week sowing wild oats; then we go to church on Sunday and pray for a crop failure. (Fred Allen)

    I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness. (Emo Phillips)

  • Good Morning. Hilarious quotes today, AQ!

    Sad situation at the Glaslyn nest, where 3 chicks have hatched successfully, but the male has not brought fish in for two days. They have now lost the webcam, so not sure if it's been turned off deliberately.

    Good to see a little family again at LoftL.

    We are dashing off, leaving Bonnie with a relative & going south with a big garden table in the car & 3 bags of Christmas presents for the grandchildren! Have now forgotten what some of the parcels are, it's so long since I wrapped them.....
  • LINDY Lovely you will finally be able to deliver the Christmas gifts.

    So sad about the Glaslyn nest.

    Thanks Diane for the start up.
  • Thank you, DIANE
    I'm sure that LINDY will be over the moon to see the grandchildren today -
  • A quiet day here, lots of family phone calls, most connected with middle daughter's house move next Friday. . I'll be here at the end of the phone, prepared to listen to any gripes !!
  • Hello - making no apologies for including our gorgeous granddaughter in my post.  She is a real character and has her two brothers on the hop already!

    We enjoyed seeing everyone and giving them their remaining presents- at last.  Home made soup for lunch, then we tucked into the naughty cakes I took with me- the story of those tomorrow.  A big delay driving home, as the M5 was completely closed to traffic after an incident (probably a bad car accident). We had to find our way through the centre of Birmingham instead, although luckily our Youngest once went to University there so we remembered most of it.  A memorable day.

  • LINDA - She is gorgeous. I bet the family were thrilled to see you (not to mention the presents). I'm sure your Hug Reservoir has been replenished!!!
    We are having a summery week. Unfortunately. It is only 10 days to winter and a grass fire in Adelaide Hills yesterday - CFS will be on alert today as it will be windy as well.
  • Just a thought

    It’s never too late to be what you might have been. (George Eliot)