• must sign off for a bit now - perhaps there will be another bobble when I return BFN
  • Brilliant report and pics, Karen!

    Once the LG nest had action I haven't been here much, but what an amazing camera they have this year, and so well handled!

    Maya had a short break to check her feathers - I don't think she was eating the fish

    There was a shower around 14.20.

    33 had a spot of shut eye half an hour ago and then flew off, returning to the side of the nest where the fish  

    It was too tempting.  He picked it up and flew off with it at 15.02 when Mya was busy checking and paddling beneath her!

    He returned with the fish

    and flew off, leaving the fish on the left of the nest

    Maya has a spot of shut-eye, in the wind

    © L&RWT ROP

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

  • 19:37  33 returns with the fish

    33 eats some at the edge of the nest

    19:42  Maya rises and takes the fish and feeds bob too

    19:46  continues feeding

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

  • 19:46  the eggs cracks open as Maya feeds the bob  

    Maya continues feeding the bob as the crack widens

    and then takes off for a quick comfort break

    19:49  the shell splits open

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

    video to follow

    Second Egg hatches 19:49 on 10 May 2021