Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 4 April 2021

  • What a nice gesture, Dibnlib.

    Unfortunately, I was previously complaining about my other knee, which has very slowly got stronger, and now that this one is playing up I'm a bit wobbly - using a stick to get around the house. But hoping it's just for today.

    Just had one of those phone calls saying that "they can see lots of problems on my computer" ....they picked a bad day as I'm not in the best mood, so I replied "Yes, my computer is listening to all this tripe you're telling me" and then added a few choice swearywords which made me feel a whole lot better.
  • Dibnlib - What a lovely thought! Surprises like that really do give a boost. Enjoy!

    Lindy - So sorry to hear about your knee. I do hope it's only very temporary and you will be back to normal very soon. Those phone calls - aarrgghh!!! Several months ago I signed up for the Telephone Preference Service, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference = I still get just as many. And why do they always seem to come at the most inconvenient times? - lunchtime, just as I walk through the door - which annoys me even more. And the junk mail as well - I also signed up for Preference for that, but still most of the stuff that comes through my letter box goes straight into recycling. All those trees ... but I don't eat pizza, don't want to move, don't need a gardener or an electrician or a plumber ... I also feel sorry for our lovely postman who has to carry all that rubbish!!

    Has anyone on here discovered a way to stop both the phone calls and the junk mail?

    Still very cold here, but brighter than it has been. Sadly our beautiful magnolia. which was in full and magnificent flower, caught the frost the other night and now all the flowers are brown and horrible. So sad. We also had some plum blossom last week - I haven't been to look at it for the last few days but I guess it has probably gone the same way as the magnolia,
  • DIBNLIB - what a lovely thing to do - some people are just so incredibly kind.
  • Had to smile at this...."the popularity of origami has increased tenfold" !! Heard this on radio 2 mins ago.
  • LINDY - I'm sorry that your knee is causing you trouble, good idea to use the walking stick. I hope that it will calm down soon.
  • Morning all:

    AQ;  My current dream is Peace and Quiet, which I'm going to get now daughter and doggy are up with friends north of here for a few days and will stay just one or two nights here on the way back to AZ next week.  It's been a good visit, but the puppy loves to play and also likes to nibble on my potted plants. :-(   I have my zero-gravity chair and pillow already set up in the garden, a good book close at hand, and plan to do Not Much at All after lunch.

    dibnlib:  What a lovely gesture from your friend. Very pretty.  I love getting flowers.   Do take care

    Heather:  I'm not a hoarder either and can't understand the need to keep broken appliances, furniture, bits and bobs etc. unless it has a very strong sentimental value..   People apparently pay much more over a period of months and years for rental storage units than their items are actually worth.

    Lindybird:  Good luck with the knee.  I bet you're looking forward to zipping off to Wales.  Hope the weather is kind...

    PatO:  What a shame about the magnolia.  I wonder if anyone has studied the return on investment for those advertisements/flyers that come in the mail.  And  yes, we get spam calls at inconvenient moments, usually when I've just sat down in OH's office to tell him something.  I'm not sure the Do Not Call set up we have here works at all, though my cell phone has suddenly woken up this last week and is now advising me that "Potential Spam Blocked," which is nice.  

    Must see what else has been neglected over the last week.....

  • Pat -- I looked out with sadness at my now brown magnolias and soggy beige camellias, where there had been such a lovely show before. We had been glorying in the pure whiteness of the stellata and our neighbours pale pink magnolias when we had such a severe frost on Tuesday night.

    Annette, enjoy your peace and quiet for a while.

    My OH had a busy day, having played 18 holes of golf and then been at the allotment later, so we treated ourselves to takeaway fish and chips this evening.
  • Not a lot to say from here but love to hear what everyone else is up to.

    Dibnlib - how lovely, a small cash bonus and that beautiful boquet from your friend, really nice.


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  • PatO - how horrible for you, that magnolia must have looked magnificent.

    Well, it looks as though we are in for another weekend of icy weather, calf before the storm at present.

    Hopefully a summer to look forward to, getting out and about more even if it is restricted more to this country.

    The light is coming!


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  • Good morning all - it's another cold one, temp is minus a little bit.
    My pink camellia is suffering but still mostly pink , if you know what I mean!
    I hope that OG didn't have an adverse reaction to her second jab.
    Stupidly, I didn't leave the heating ticking over last night, so I'm sitting up in bed in a cold room. Better drink my coffee and warm up