Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 4 April 2021

  • Happy Easter Everyone from a (for the minute) sunny Suffolk. We have SNOW in our forecast for tomorrow  and Tuesday. 

    Temps are half of what they were last week and overnight 0 degrees.

    Well fingers crossed the daily COVID figures keep coming down and we can soon have our freedom. I have to say here in Suffolk people seem to being doing the right things to stay safe and Church this morning was very well organised.

    Love reading all your posts and seeing the great photos - loved your amaryllis Lindy.

    Stay safe and well all and enjoy Easter Day.

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    ANNETTE: So glad you were able to see some whales. That's a beautiful Great Blue Heron. They are one of my favorite birds. That looks like one of the tall species. I used to see them a lot when I lived in Indianapolis. A lot of the apartment complexes had lakes.
  • Thank you Harelady and Rosy - nice to hear from you. Diane, glad you liked my flower. Nature is astounding- -  like orchids, some flowers don't look real.

    Just come back from a visit to inspect the allotment, where everything is doing well. Went for a walk in the meadow nearby.

    Some really old oaks there....

  • Frustrating- 1st picture wouldn't post until I sized it down & reposted. We did see some cute squirrels (grey) but they hid from us so no pics of them!!


    View of the allotments from the meadow- it's right on the edge of our town and is now marked down for eventual house building, in the Town Plan, but there are several other projects in the pipeline before then, & so my OH expects it will not affect him yet.

  • Good afternoon, everyone, and a very happy and blessed Easter. We have brilliant sunshine here and a clear blue sky - but temperatures only around 7 degrees! I've done a bit of rushing around the countryside this morning and my car told me it was only 4.5 degrees. Better seen from a warm indoors, I think! I did come home armed with some beautiful Easter lilies which are not yet open. I will enjoy them when they finally come out. Both churches I was at this morning had real people, but all masked and socially distanced. Music was audio or video, as we are still not allowed to sing. But one of the local churches had planned to sing outside in their car park after the service!

    I couldn't get any 'proper' Hot Cross Buns on Thursday - I was a bit late. They had every flavour you could imagine, and many you could never even consider - but not a single fruit and spice one. I eventually had to settle for apple and cinnamon, the nearest to 'proper' I could find. Why do they have to mess around with so many beautiful traditional things????
  • Sounds like a lovely morning for you, Pat. We have some sunshine, too, although you need a coat on outside, today.
    I agree about the Hot Cross Buns except I do love the ones you describe, with apple in them, although my OH insists there's nothing like a 'proper' one.
  • Several letters published in our local paper complaining about the dreadful habit which seems widespread now, of hanging up doggy poo bags in trees & bushes.....Grrr.
  • LINDY They do that here too....SNARL.
  • And here ... how disgusting!