Hallo all!  Here some photos taken during my morning walks along Cathedral Oaks Blvd and the citrus orchards below the foothills.  The only thing that is missing are the oaks (!), but AQ will recognize the eucalyptus.  

  • Lovely photos, Annette! Thanks for starting the thread. 

  • Thanks ANNETTE for starting our new week. A familiar scene, yes.

    Today is an anniversary! It is 12 months since I began recording on my kitchen calendar “where I have been when out & about”, now called contact tracing. That was 2 weeks before our first lockdown and for several weeks I had already been slowly stocking my pantry with a few “extras”. I think I first became concerned about the news from Wuhan in January - sometimes I wish I had kept a diary or journal but last year’s calendar is interesting, though with lots of nothing days. Oh, where did I go a year ago? It was a photo excursion to 3 churches to capture stained glass windows.

  • Just a thought

    You will never find time for anything. You must make it. (Charles Buxton)

  • Diane: You're welcome   :-)

    AQ:  That saying is so true.  I also like :"If you want something done, give it to a busy person."   Do you guys grow citrus down under?

  • ANNETTE - Citrus, we sure do. In our state, the Riverland is famous, ie along the River Murray around towns from Waikerie to Renmark. Mostly navel & valencia oranges, mandarins, tangelos. Other regions in VIC, NSW, WA & southern QLD.

  • Good Morning and thanks go to Annette for starting us off again, plus some lovely pictures of her walk. Quite a foreign scene to us Brits!

    AQ --- Its interesting going back to see a whole year ago. We would have been quite depressed, I think, to know what lay ahead. On the other hand we would have been cheered to know that vaccines would be found and actions taken to get our lives back.
  • In April last year I suggested, through our church magazine, we should all write down how we were feeling at the time, both about our situation then and our thoughts and hopes for the future, seal it in an envelope and open it a year later. I wish I had done it - and I wonder how many others did? I try to remember back a year to see how my thoughts have changed over the past year. Considerably!

    Good morning to all, thanks to Annette for some lovely photographs to start the day. And the sun's shining! Have a good day, everyone. I read something this week suggesting we should all accept Sunday as the first day of the week - most of us when we were working thought of Monday as the start of a new week and Sunday as the end of the previous week, and of course the BBC decided, some years ago, that Saturday was the beginning of a new week when they changed the format of Radio Times! But thinking of Sunday as the first day makes it more special. So I will now adopt Sunday as the first day of every future week.
  • ANNETTE thanks for starting the week and the pics.

    OG So pleased the mice are keeping you entertained.
  • ANNETTE - thanks for setting us off on a new week. Lovely views on your walks, but what happened to the oaks?

    AQ - good to have a record of where you have been and what you did - and they can be useful when other members of the family casually expect "Mum will remember". Must admit, one of my flinging sprees did lead to the end of twenty years accumulated diaries! That quote is so true.

    LINDA - when Covid hit the UK, I wonder how many of us expected we would survive long enough for vaccines to be available. The science has moved at an amazing pace.

    PAT - I have always assumed Sunday to be the first day of my week - Saturday finishes off the old week and Sunday is too soon for anything to have marred the new week! What a pity you did not follow your own suggestion in the magazine last year!

    DIBNLIB - reappearance of some missing garden birds this weekend - one Bluetit (infrequent here) and a pair of Dunnocks. Sparrows and Blackbirds paired up for spring, and the Scandi Starlings have apparently left so we have hundreds around now rather than thousands!

    A pleasant sunny but cool day, so EE will trim the third and final tree this afternoon - the Birch. Weather could be about to change.
  • Just shows how differently we all view it: to me the weekend rounds off the end of the week and Monday starts a fresh one! But that probably comes from when I went out to work in an office, starting each week on a Monday morning.

    Dry here so we went for a walk together around the fields behind here. Sad to see the narrow footpaths all grown so wide from the tramping of many feet, damsging the crops, plus annoying to see broken beer bottles in several places.