• Thank you Karen for a great start to the new thread.

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • A wonderful start to the new season . Very many thanks Karen.
  • As others have commented--thanks ever so much for the links and the wonderful charts, Karen. I was hoping you would re-appear! This nest will always be special for me because without it (and the other nests at/near Rutland Water) the current distribution of Osprey nests in England and Wales would be far less or still non-existent, and because, although it was not my first love among UK Osprey nests, it was the first one where we finally saw UK Ospreys in person!

    Kind regards, Ann

  • I am so happy to see you back, KAREN, and in such good form already - but we'd expect no less of you.

    A sad note in your superb intro - the mention of Blue28 (Wonky-wing) brought a lump to my throat, we'd been rewarded by his successful breeding, only to lose him last season   Strictly off-topic for this thread, but it can't be helped, he held a special place for many of us.

    Mrs5R-Maya and Blue33 could be here in 10 days' time


  • He had a special place in my heart too. And sad, to say, I didn't realise we had lost him. Too emotional about Monty I think to take it in..
  • Thank you Karen for all the detailed information, very helpful.

    None of my links and saved bookmarks worked so my first job has been to navigate the RSPB pages, phew is all I can say.

    Here’s hoping for a wonderful Osprey year.
  • As others have said, Karen, welcome back and many thanks for a wonderful opening to this season's thread.
  • In reply to scylla:

    Thanks everyone.  It is good to be back and I’m pleased the info and charts will be of use. 

    Scylla said:

    Mrs5R-Maya and Blue33 could be here in 10 days' time

    Yes not long to wait but it could even be as soon as 4 days if Maya decides to break her record as the earliest she returned was 12 March!!  
    Hopefully the webcam will be up soon.
  • In reply to Karen:

    Karen W said:
    the earliest she returned was 12 March!!  

    I knew when I typed it it was wrong but you know what it's like - or probably you don't - when you just can't think and keep ploughing on

    I do hope the cam is up very soon, so we can prepare for the new setup - I'm nervous!


  • Scylla, I think we are all a bit apprehensive about the new set up - I know I am.