Inspired by Janni, who cleverly noted the cam was up and running on 1 March, and filled with hope for this nest for 2021, here's the new thread!

Link to 2020 thread

In 2017, her first breeding season. Clarach (hatched Dyfi in 2013) mated with an unknown male, laying 3 eggs. The third chick hatched/died 15th June, the other two on 12th and 13th June. Male LHO took his first flight 4th August, Male LH1 9th August. Clarach departed 1st September, LHO 3rd, LH1 12th September.

Clarach came back in 2018 but sadly lost her eggs to ravens. In 2019, she returned on 10 April, and partnered first with White CL, a 2008 bird hatched at Loch Lomond. He disappeared and was replaced by an unringed male on 3 May, and Clarach was seen to be incubating by 6 May (who was the daddy...?!). But she'd abandoned the nest by the end of May and Dyfi posted that her eggs had been predated. It was difficult to keep up with the nest as the webcam failed but FLS posted updates on their Facebook page.  Staff thought the male hadn't been providing her with fish on the nest, as he had another nest to provision! In 2020, hope was raised when a few ospreys dropped by in April and May, including White CL, at one point on the nest with an unringed female.  The Lodge Facebook page posted a great photo by Sami in April which was thought to be Clarach. After that, lots of osprey-less photos were posted comparing the rise and fall of the webcam, the state of the sticks on the nest, the sinkage of the nest (great word Mary) and the weather.

Let's see what happens this year!