Dyfi is due to open its doors for the new season today - as yet no cam online.

This thread = as per title.  There is another thread for the overall Dyfi Osprey Project.

Over the past couple of years the upkeep of the stats etc on DyfiOspreyProject.org has tailed off.

We are not permitted to publish videos, however last season I did some restricted to "Unlisted" status, which means they are not visible to general YouTubers and must not be shared.

All pictures (and videos) ©Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust ©Dyfi Osprey Project  


YOUTUBE CHANNEL, where LIVE cam link can always be found.


Idris took over from (((Monty))) in 2019, partnering Telyn (Blue3J) thru to last season, when they raised two boys, Tywi & Teifi, to successful migration.  Idris is a fine osprey, as witnessed by his fishing feat during the storm of August 2020: