Amazing off-season developments in this BLOG!


(Thinking of BIRDIE NUM NUM all of whose precious work for the RSPB Community has been wiped from the system.)

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Summarising the highly successful 2020 season:

21st March 10.36am Mrs G arrives
3rd April 12.08pm Aran arrives
First egg laid 13th April 19:50
Second egg laid 16th April 18:17
Third egg laid 19th April 19.01
Chicks ringed with BTO metal and Blue Darvic colour rings on 24th June
KC2 (M) hatched 20th May 10:52, fledged 9th July 14:48 (50 days)***
KC3(F) hatched 21st May 17:59, fledged 14th July 09:36 (54 days)
KC4 (F) hatched 24th May 12:52, fledged 18th July 18:44 (55 days)
MrsG - 05 September
KC2 - 24 August
KC3 - 09 September
KC4 - 09 September
Aran was last seen on 13 September @ 15:05hr (but not 100% sure that someone didn't see him after that)

***(Link) 21 November 2020, KC2 was seen in The Gambia.

The Magnificent Couple - Aran & MrsG - may they return in good health to add to their Glaslyn achievements and our delight:

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