Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 21 February 2021

  • Heather - Great to hear about the bullfinches. Hope they learn very quickly how to stay safe. Also hope you get some news about Callum very soon.
  • Thinking of you HEATHER. Waiting for news is very difficult. Hoping for a good outcome.

    I hope LINDY soon surfaces from all that housework! Good that her OH is handy with cleaning materials.
    Mine would not know one end of a vacuum cleaner from the other!
  • I've been having what AQ would label a Nanny Nap, since working hard this morning and then eating a yummy lunch of ham and tomatoes. I sat down to watch TV and must have drifted off.....

    Heather, hope that you do get some news today: waiting is awful. Never seen a bullfinch properly. Hope they're OK.

    Saw online that a lot of people in the UK saw astounding sunrises, caused by the Sahara sand in the atmosphere, brought by the wind. My OH says that all the cars in the street have dust on them!

    Rosy - My OH began wielding the hoover when he retired. He's also a good dishwasher emptier, although he often forgets where to put the clean utensils !!

  • LINDA - Here am I wondering if your "condition" is contagious <grin> and you catch nanny naps from me!

    I'm off for an exciting morning at food shops.

  • Evening all: Non-stop to-do list today but got a late start due to BiL in UK deciding to text me jokes about Boris's rulings at 2:30 a.m. our time. (He'd forgotten the time difference again.) Tried a Nanny Nap in the garden but the neighborhood crows were having a argument. Will catch up tomorrow. Take care all.
  • Sleep is a poor substitute for coffee.

    It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee. (Donna A Favors)

    Give me coffee to change the things I can change and wine to accept the things I can’t.

  • Ha ha, AQ - I agree with your first ' thought '. I have practically given up coffee, in pursuit of the ever elusive sleep
    I love ground coffee so much and haven't found a decaff that tastes right.

  • Just realised that I've not been on to post this morning. Seem to be discombobulated these days, and out of much routine.

    Thanks for the quotes, AQ! I don't drink coffee at all, so they don't apply to me. I have a hot chocolate at coffee times, to save my teeth as otherwise I would drink about three gallons of tea a day. Not good for the ivories!

    Heather shame about the decaff: I drink decaff tea sometimes and its not bad.

    Just done another cupboard, but then realised that as its March on Monday (hooray!), we have a couple of birthdays soon in the extended family, so went off to find some cards to send them.

    Last night I got a text message from a relative saying that she had just left a large plated mince pie in our porch, for my OH! She had banged on the door but not been able to raise us. When I looked at the time frame of her visit, I realised that I had been in the kitchen cooking and that my OH had been in the shower.  Very kind of her, and probably because of his recent illness.  I messaged her back and said that unfortunately, we have missed several people lately because we do not have a doorbell these days.  My OH would not replace the last one as we had only had it for a couple of years - he then said he would not invest in another!  We have a very large knocker in the middle of the front door but you would be surprised how many people totally ignore it and just tap on the glass, which is pretty ineffectual.

    He has just driven off to the big B&Q (hardware store) to go in search of a new doorbell.....

  • LINDY Those were wonderful sunrise pics.

    HEATHER What a nuisance you have no news of Callum yet. Hope those Bullfinches stay safe and sound. Like Lindy, I have never seen them for real.