Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 February 2021

  • OG Well done on reclaiming the menu planning.

    My OH had the vaccine on Thursday and no after effects.

    WE are w waiting to hear news of my niece who was in hospital on Thursday/Friday suffering from a violent headache. She had a CT scan and as they found nothing conclusive from this one hand a lumber puncture yesterday. Hopefully get results today.

    WE were at M&S yesterday and found a 4 pack of marmite hot cross buns. My goodness, they are good. Well worth buying for those who can.
  • DIBNLIB - I saw those buns and wondered what they would be like!
    LINDY - So sorry about your Mum. I had similar with mine x
    OG - I echo what others have said about committees !
    ROSY ( aka bin lady ) Good for you. I try to recycle as much as I can.
    LYNETTE- stay safe and well x

    Granddaughter Amy had her first Covid vaccination yesterday ( she is an insulin dependent diabetic) Unfortunately she had a bad reaction, won't elaborate but she was quite unwell. All seems to be OK today, though.

    Regards to all
  • AQ, don't worry about it!

    It's been very cold here: this morning it said minus 1 but it would feel more like minus 9 in the cold wind!! And it did!! Don't think I can ever remember being in such a Siberian wind! And that was just going across the s'market car park! I was well wrapped up, too -- I even got out my 'proper' winter vests today!

  • Replying to LYNETTE I say I had bought 4. I should have said 4 lemons. Makes it look as if I had bought 4 pancakes which of course I hadn't.

    HEATHER I am so glad Amy has recovered. My OH had the pfizer vaccine and I am hoping I am offered something different as I have heard that people with allergies shouldn't have the pfizer and I had a very bad reaction to amoxycillin some years ago. Bye the way OH had no after effects.

    We both thought the marmite buns were scrumptious. I Emailed a friend about them and she told me they also did a cheese and chilli bun. Next time we go to Markies we will buy both
  • Apologies for over used apostrophes!!

    Will be sending minus temps to Aus in a speed delivery package!

  • Just seen the post saying how poorly Amy had been, Heather- very worrying for everyone. Glad she recovered.

    Sorry about your niece, Dibnlib. Hope you hear good news soon. I love Marmite, so will try the buns.