Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 31 January 2021

  • Done a bit of catching up with your news.

    Glad that some have had their vaccines.

    We had 2-3 ins of snow overnight so had a lovely walk with Benson on good crunchy snow.

    My dental appt yesterday went well ( thank you Diane). As we were leaving to drive to the appt, my neighbour over the road asked if we could look out for a quidditch last seen flying between our house and next door. When we got home I went upstairs to look down at the top of our hedge and blow me, there it was, so OH got the ladder out. It has been returned to its owner and 3 very happy children. Apparently this was the maiden flight....hope it fares better next time!!
  • I have just found Benson sitting on OHs lap watching the TV. Today is the start of the 6 nations rugby tournament and it is the "Calcutta Cup" at 1645. I honestly think Benson will prefer staying put to going out for an afternoon walk. He is a strange dog. LINDY I have sent you a PM.
  • All weathers today - very light intermittent showers of snow/sleet/rain so nothing visible on the ground, and some cheery sunshine between whiles. Nothing going on here - I am managing to be bored without always sleeping! OH's culinary delights continued yesterday - after stirfrying leftover pork for lunch, he made a delicious carrot (leftovers) and coriander soup for tea followed by (leftover) pannetone bread and butter pud. It was worth guiding him through the recipes as everything turned out well!
  • Yum, OG -- when are you going to send him out on loan?

  • Poor dear really needs rest. I suppose the day will come whne we can go out for lunch - nothing exotic, just for something he hasn't had to make!