Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 24 January 2021

  • HEATHER That sounds yum yum.
  • Awake now (nearly 5pm) so a quick look in. I can't find when I was last here, and seems I might have typed a couple of posts I forgot to send! Or maybe I just dreamt I wrote them!.

    Please count me in for the cave, but don't expect me to organise anything while I am like this! Just find me a quiet but well ventilated corner to lay my head.

    Quingo man is due Monday to service my scooter (have I used it at all in past12 months). Mammogram this Wednesday unless someone told the machine my new date. E-E and I have Covid vaccine appointments 8th feb - in the sports centre! Never been in there before. Busy life?
  • We will find you some nice straw and a quiet corner in the cave, OG. Sounds as if you need to rest. Good that your vaccine appointments have come through.

    Got wet this morning going shopping, as it decided to rain when I was out. Had showery weather all day. Got a bigger bill than I was expecting for all my festive spending, then tried to cook scrambled eggs for lunch and found that the microwave was trying to self destruct. Been looking online for new one ever since. So not a great day - have put wineglasses out for our dinner tonight as definitely need a drink!

  • Hallo all: Lovely full moon last night. Sunny and cold here today - even in the sun what with the breeze.

    Getting caught up on My List; added a few more items. Got four more books from the library. It's all happening! :-)
  • LOL, LINDY, I quickly read your post about putting wineglasses out for dinner. I assumed that they were the only things on the table!

    The moon put in a very brief appearance here last night, ANNETTE. When I pointed it out to my OH, it had disappeared. It has been pouring with rain here all day. There are pools of water in the garden. I have not been out all day, but got soaking wet when out shopping yesterday.

    Good to hear from OG. Straw is rather itchy LINDY. I thought we were having a few mod cons in our cave!

    HEATHER and DIBNLIB, I had veggie sausages this evening. The butcher sounds a good sort to give the "proper" ones to the girls.
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    OG Glad you are both organised for your vaccine.
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    LINDY Hope you get a new microwave soon. We got a new vacuum a couple of weeks ago. It is a GTech and so needs to be charged up. It seems the battery is not working as it should so we expect a new one on Tuesday. The old Dyson is still serviceable so we don't have to do without.It is a shame we have a problem, but is should be rectified soon.