Hallo all.  Re dishwashers, we just fill it up and run it whenever that happens.   Re gifts, my OH was fretting again that my hedge trimmer wasn't much of a 'gift' even though I wanted it.  I got it organized today, charged the battery and it's all ready to go.  Meanwhile, he's thrilled with the four-slice toaster, which seems to the job in record time. 

AQ: Re a previous 'thought,' what bothers me is that I eat light and healthy between New Year and Christmas but then undo it all just between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Went for a walk this morning and all kinds of bits were jiggling along behind.  

Heather:  I'm sure your gift from daughter wasn't mere wrinkle cream but a very exotic and expensive moisturizer. :-)    Maybe buy her a book on how to stay in shape as you age?  Just kidding.  

Lindybird:  A too-small hat and ice-defrosting spray for the car?  And no flowers either.  :-(    By the way, what made you decide on that lovely painting of the sailboats rather than one of the two you'd previously mentioned?  I love the winter-time photos.  I always liked walking in winter when I lived there - it's quiet and sort of contemplative time of year.

Diane:  Is it your computer or just online access?  We've been repeatedly bumped offline at certain times each day recently; the techy folks said it was simply that too many people were zooming, etc.  Do hope it's a comparatively easy fix.

OG:  Oh geez. No flowers for you either - and no houseplant - what does it take I ask!   Personalized signs on the motorways, as in  "Don't forget the flowers for your wife"?  That raspberry pavlova must've been wonderful - and chocolate cake too.  I've put on weight just reading about it.

A lovely sunset here tonight, with a storm working its way down the coast.   Grandson and partner are coming down tomorrow for lunch. I told him we had leftovers, etc., but he insists on bringing everything and will do all the work, 'so you don't have to do anything and can relax with a glass of wine."   What a sweetie he's turned into.  I'm very lucky.

Have a good Sunday all. 

  • Looks like a nasty storm passing over the UK tonight - hope all are okay though I see there's already flooding and folks have been evacuated in some areas. Stay safe everyone.
  • Thank you ANNETTE for starting us off. Lots of toast on menu this week?

    I hope DIANE resolves ‘puter problems soon.

    LINDA – I like looking at the “bare bones” of trees in winter.

    OH never gives out gifts. I am indulging myself with the chocs I bought myself. Already finished Dau’s book, also threw out ratty old oven mitt in favour of her new one. To regain fitness I’ve started exercising – 10 mins weeding before “church” this morn. Then fell into a nanny nap after lunch <sigh> Lovely cool weather.

  • Just a thought

    Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. (Mother Teresa)

  • A very wild night here, with lashing rain and very high wind. Now it's stopped raining and the trees are not moving. When it gets properly light I'll go and pick up the bird feeder which is lying on the grass.

    Have a good Sunday, everyone.
  • Good morning, all. It's wet and windy here but it should brighten up about mid-morning. Tried to get into Jigsaw Planet but it's not playing ball - is anyone else having problems?

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Clare, I can get into Jigsaw Planet without any problem. Has it been affected by Storm Bella, do you think?
  • @Clare as Pat O,mine OK (but why do I choose such difficult format Doh!!!!) interesting to see how long it takes eventually as clock at bottom records the minutes,

    I do hope everyone will have better, healthier , Happy 2021, with hopefully the vaccines doing ,what it should be doing.


  • Good Morning, and Thank You to Annette for starting us off. I hope that Diane's internet woes will soon be resolved.

    Bright sunshine here, now that the sky has woken up from its heavy winter slumbers. We had a lay in but then got too hungry to be abed for long. Now tidying up some of the debris from the festivities. Last night we enjoyed a repeat of our Christmas meal, with roast potatoes warmed in the microwave and lots of cold turkey with veg.

    Annette, your presents sounded sensible to me: a couple of times my OH has got me state of the art secateurs and rose thorn resistant gloves! How nice that your grandson has grown into a thoughtful young man:-)

  • Our present from Bonnie -- a doggy jigsaw!!!

  • I suspect what has happened is that a puzzle was deleted as I was doing it, which seems to have thrown my whole account into a wobbly.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.