Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 22 November 2020


I hope everyone has a healthy, safe, and joyful week. 

Stay strong, friends! 

Northern Parula
U.S. National Park Service NPS/N.Lewis
Photo labeled Public Domain (Copyright Free)

  • You too, Diane!! The birds are singing out for you.
    Take care.
  • Diane Thank you for the cheery start. Do let us know how you're doing with the powers that be. I can't imagine trying to cope with red tape and bureaucracy in the middle of a pandemic. Hugs from here.....
  • AQ:  No that wasn't me in line for an In-n-Out Burger, a California chain (good company that's good to its employees), which apparently has just expanded to some other states.  We have one just 5 minutes from my  house (which I hardly every visit), but I know each and every one between here and Prescott Valley.

    OG:  A day well spent from the sounds of it.  Hurray!

    Lindybird: Thanks for explaining 'Marmite'.  I also had to smile at  your OH's laundry line up.  :-)   I understand your exasperation with the jigsaw.  Very tricky. indeed.

    Daughter, Ms D and puppy will be here mid-morning or maybe earlier if I know my daughter  The puppy apparently threw up and wee'd in the car within an hour of leaving home.  Oh joy.   Flexibility is the word of the day - um - week.

  • Thanks DIANE. Our birds haven’t time to sing. Magpie Junior is chasing Magpie parent around front lawn, while Blackbirds are busy under the shrubs in backyard.

    ANNETTE – Enjoy your visit and I hope Puppy recovers when on solid ground.

    Some very loud claps of thunder this morn (I nearly jumped out of my skin!). A few large drops of rain, totalling 1.2 mm, enough to refresh the veg. No further covid cases yesterday. Our latest cluster was picked up by an alert young woman doctor who heard a dry cough from a patient who was just feeling a bit unwell. I hope she gets a promotion & not the virus (she’s in quarantine).

  • It's supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button. (John Brunner)

    A printer consists of three main parts: the case, the jammed paper tray and the blinking red light. (Dave Barry)

    To start, press any key.
    Where’s the “any” key?

  • AQ: Haha. Love the 'any key'.
  • Thanks for starting DIANE. Sorry about the employment situation.

    HARELADY Born in 56 I am also one of those. First of all my pension age went from 60 to 63... oh well I can manage that, then they said 65..... not happy and of course finally 66....nightmare.

    OG Clad the trip to Eden was worthwhile.
  • Good Morning & many thanks to Diane for starting us off, and so cheerily....

    Like the idea of the printer, a bugbear with many.
  • Thank you, DIANE.
    AQ - agree with the printer stuff - I rarely have to use mine and when I do, it sometimes doesn't want to play nicely!