• Its a a muddled morning here, we seem to be trying to do too many things at once!

    AQ - Sorry to hear that things are going somewhat backwards for your state. Unfortunately, that's all it takes, is one person to break the rules.
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    PAT OI know what you mean. There is a sort of wasteland area between where we live and Culloden forest and it gets very boggy indeed. This is where I broke my leg 10 years ago so I am very wary. I am now in the habit of taking a stick with me.
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    Heather Yes I saw that in the paper and breathed a huge sigh of relief for you.
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    Heather - wonderful news! Such a long wait.....
  • Heather: Indeed a relief for you and the family. :-)
  • I seem to have missed the boat altogether - I must learn not to make promises. All okay here. I MAY manage to catch up a bit tomorrow.
  • Thanks for popping in, so that we know you're all alright, OG. Take it its been a busy day!!

    Been catching up on paperwork and trying to get ourselves online to our local GPs surgery - not easy when you're amateur at all the technicalities, and they also seem to assume that everyone has a smartphone! Which my OH doesn't but they still send him all kinds of messages: thankfully he can and does text. Hoping now that after several emails we will get an email this week confirming that we are now registered with them to order our prescriptions online, etc.
  • After reading that it was World Kindness Day yesterday, I began a few lines. Today I finished it and here it is:

    K I N D N E S S

    I pass to you, you pass to me
    A special kind of energy
    Which, without a single sound,
    Grows carefully and naturally
    And helps the world go round.

    I'm sending hugs around the world:
    "Bravo!" you'll hear me say
    To all the nurses and the carers
    Upon this special day.

    To all of those who lend a hand
    Who care, kindly, for others -
    There never has been more a time
    To be sisters and be brothers.

    To look to help those when you can
    I doff my hat, I shake your hand
    (Mentally, you understand!)
    On a day when we can all together band -
    Ignore the hate, lose all the dross
    Today, we celebrate we're US!!

  • Lovely words Lindybird. :-)
  • Thanks, Annette. The first verse was written today, and nearly got added to the end, but I like it now I've put it at the beginning instead.

    It went dark very early today, after a rather wet/dry/grey/sunshine afternoon!