• Great news, OG. We understand. It was a tiring day for you, too, although you didnt go with them. Glad they are OK & J thought it was worth going.

  • I've come on to announce a loss - this was my jigsaw this afternoon...

    Now, it's back in the box! Not often I give in, I can be very stubborn, but it was on our dining table and at the rate of one or two pieces a day, it was going to take 6 months to complete. We were both tired of eating around it twice a day. In my defence, it was the most difficult one I've ever attempted as although it wasnt thousands of pieces,  every piece looked different in different lights as it was holographic. 

    I can see that as December approaches I'm going to have even less time to squint at it. Never.mind!

  • ps Boris the Dog has settled in well and sat watching Strictly with his new mistress tonight :-)