Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 18 October 2020


I hope everyone has a safe, healthy week with moments of joy and contentment!

Stay strong, my friends. 

Some of you may like this Facebook post from Dr. Sharon Blackie, Irish psychologist and mythologist. HERE

  • DIANE – Thank you for starting our new week. Your state’s statistics are appalling. What is the matter with these people? Those in power don’t believe science while the twits believe any rubbish posted. And I don’t understand why more recovered people are not shouting from the rooftops to be careful.

    Melbourne’s restriction to be eased slightly from tomorrow. No limit on outdoor exercise time, they can travel up to 25 km from home, groups of 10 from 2 households can gather outdoors, etc, etc. Regional Victoria easing further - I noted that 20 can attend religious services but only outdoors.

    After church this morn I visited city when parking fairly easy to photo a few old buildings. The lovely former fruit & veg market only survives as a facade in front of towering aparments. This is one of the former gateways. I shall have to revisit next autumn when the leaves drop.

  • WARNING. A virus called Monday is fast approaching. . . there is no cure! Just drink plenty of alcohol on Sunday night to ease the pain!

    Today is Sunday. Share this and within 7 days you’ll get another Sunday. It really works. My friend ignored this message and he got a Monday within 24 hours.

    Enjoy your Sunday. If you feel like doing some work, sit down and wait until that feeling goes away.

  • Diane: Thanks for starting us off. I completely lost the plot as to which day it is/was.
  • Good morning, all! It's a sunny morning here (for now) and the washing is going out. Lovely.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Morning, Everyone. A bit grey & misty here, but dry, so we will do some garden tidying.

    Thanks to Diane for her sterling job of reminding us where we're up to, & starting us off! I hope the latest storms don't affect you too much.

    AQ - Great quotes today!

    OG - I had a day pottering, then my OH did the roast beef dinner except for my throwing some cauliflower on the stove, and opening the packet of yummy cheesecake - so very relaxing evening with a glass of wine watching the first Strictly of the year.

  • Hope that Heather is OK: we're all still thinking of you, Heather.

  • LINDY and everyone -
    I'm looking in thank you to all for your news and good thoughts x
    I was wondering how much lower in mood I could get, to be honest. It is unusual for me to feel so irritable and miserable, I have been working hard at challenging negative thinking and making myself think about the good things in my life. There is much to be grateful for.
    My family are my strength and support, love flows both ways. My son is on his way North to stay in an apartment for the next few days. So, Covid rules will be obeyed but it's good that we can all be together on different days :-)

  • Heather -so lovely to hear from you and sorry you have been down but you are doing the right thing to focus on the good times. Just the other day something on the TV made brought back my Daughters death and I burst into tears, which is very unusual for me. I felt out of sorts for most of the day but then I made myself say a thanks to God that I had her for 31 years and have so many happy memories.

    So pleased your Son is travelling to the North xx

    Have a good week everyone and stay safe!

  • Hugs to all, especially Heather and Harelady. I'm about to organize myself out the door and head west.... will check in later.
  • DIANE - thanks for the new week. Hope it will be a good one for you too, and free of bizarre weather so that you can go for groceries.

    AQ - Melbourne actually reached or main news broadcast this morning! A good example to our governments of how long it takes, and what a silly drop in the ocean our two week restrictions are! I was very surprised to read the quote on that market gateway, as it looks very much like gateway to Chinatown almost anywhere! Loved the quotes!

    CLARE - enjoy the sunshine and dry washing - it is quite dull here today, but OH has decided he can try mowing - with leaf-blowing first.

    LINDA - I keep thinking of roast beef - I keep suggesting it for Christmas dinner, but every year I am over-ruled! But not with cauliflower for me - I do eat it, but the tiniest amount, and I usually mutter about the cooking smell and then the texture. But I do like Cauliflower cheese! I thought the Strictly production did very well; I hope they can get through the series without any virus interruption.

    HEATHER - good to see a post from you today. It will do you good to see your Son for a few days, and that he can meet individually with his sisters.  Will still be thinking of you.

    HARELADY - pleased you could focus on the positives when you felt so sad. It can be something quite small which triggers these memories of big losses in our lives.

    Going to sit with my feet up for a while - to the accompaniment of the lawnmower! J is doing his ironing in the dining room..