Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 11 October 2020

  • Morning all:

    Sitting on bed looking at smoke bank low on the horizon from a wildfire south of us.  We saw it blow up two days ago when we had a couple of hours of very hot dry wind - enough to start a burn.  No danger to us with some evacuations in small communities near the fire, but it's pretty much contained now.  

    OG:  Will leave early and drive straight through tomorrow.  Ms. D has been here at daughter's house all week as it's midterm break (so early, but then they go back to school the beginning of August here!)   Granddaughter will be over tonight for dinner. She works tomorrow and will pick up Ms. D after that to take her home.  I think my daughter will be glad to wave us all bye-bye.   :-)  Granddaughter's partner (they've been renting) is in escrow on a  house not too far from this house, which will make things easier for granddaughter.

    Diane:  I routinely stop for gas and a bio break at Congress, a tiny community about 1.5 hours from Prescott Valley. The gas station/convenience store is the hub of the community and everyone was wearing masks this time - nobody had been wearing them on previous trips.  Arizona is in play for the election and granddaughter says she's seen a surprising number of Biden-Harris bumper stickers around and I've not noticed as many Trump stickers as before. However, those that are out their are certainly waving the flag.   Had to laugh while I was watching an anti-Mark Kelly Senatorial ad (he's an ISS astronaut and husband of Gaby Gifford), saying that Kelly - and Biden - were both owned by "the liberal mob."   That's me folks.  Did  you hear what Bette Midler said in response to something similar some months back?  "What are we going to do?  Attack them with our PBS tote bags?"

    Went out and fed horses early this morning with daughter, who didn't sleep well and has gone back to bed.  Ms. D still snoozing...

    Thanks all for chats; take care.

  • I'm still here! Just been busy....

  • Mowing couldn't happen - too wet from morning dew. But he did plant more of the bulbs this afternoon.

    ANNETTE - sorry about smoke from wildfire - didn't know they happen there! Nice for you that Ms D was there at same time as you - its October hol in Scotland too - two weeks - as they also return in August. Enjoy dinner together, and safe journey tomorrow.

    LINDA - oh do sit down and relax this evening! We shall try watching the start of Strictly this evening (recording right now, I believe). Not been totally put off by the recent specials, which we didn't watch after the first part of the first one! But the intro session always seems very false when they pretend they don't already know with whom they are partnered!
  • I'm trying to watch Strictly ... thought it would be better without a large audience. Not sure I can cope with it this year. I've decided to record it and zip through it tomorrow, but I doubt whether I'll watch the rest of the series. It's so LOUD, and I've only heard of a couple of them! I sound like a GOW - well, maybe I am ...
  • Thank you for news everyone.
    Oh and I went to see our daughter yesterday, before we were locked up again.
    That meant travelling across London. We did nor travel by underground as we did not want to to expose my OH to any viruses. The journey by taxi took us twice as long as it should have done, as everyone else seems to have had the same idea.
    It does put things into perspective to pass all the tower blocks where so many people live, with little access to outside space, Unfortunately, they are not the sort of people who have lovely second homes to go to.

    Annette, safe journey home. Nice to have spent time with Ms D. I am sure she loved it.

    Sorry your trip to Wales was made so difficult Lindy. I was in the garden sorting the world this afternoon with a neighbour. She has very strong opinions and does not mince her words. I mostly agree with her.
    We were also trying to sort our garden out (with more success). Our gardener has done some rather bizarre planting, which needs to be sorted out. I think his mind was not on the task in hand.

    Diane, Glad you road to supplies has opened up again. That seemed a long time to fix whatever needed fixing.

    Hello to OG, Pat. Heather and everyone else.