Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 13 September 2020

  • CLARE/LINDY Yes, we also enjoy Steve Wright.

    OG Glad you and J are feeling better today.
  • Yes, I mean the Steve Wright on BBC2. Although on the weekends, we don't always listen to his Love Songs on a Sunday morning, as my blood pressure goes up as he often sings along to the tunes, and not in a good way. How upsetting for those who have requested them, I think. But his afternoon programme in the week is good, with interviews with celebrities which are not too long winded, and some great music, usually.
  • Thoughts on the Last Night of the Proms last night, shortly -- my OH is in the kitchen and I need to oversee!

    Edit: We have, jointly cooked a joint!  Last night we intended to have a pork joint but as neither of us felt hungry enough to do it justice, we had a small quiche instead and left the pork to be cooked today.  It was yummy indeed, with roast potatoes and cauliflower, and all the trimmings such as stuffing and apple sauce.  Now we only need a snack tonight so I'm happy.

    Last Night of the Proms was well done, we thought:  different, of course, without an audience, but all the musicians and the wonderful solo singer, Golda somebody, was quite stunning. Thankfully they did not cut out too much of the traditional tunes and songs, which I think after the recent furore showed that at least they had listened to their audience. Also, we had the treat of listening to the great Nicola Benedetti playing violin, as the person who was supposed to play was unavailable.  She did a truly mesmerising version of "The Lark Ascending" which I think must have been appreciated by all.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Lindybird said:
    Love Songs on a Sunday morning

    To be honest that's something I'd avoid whether he sang along or not.  Too many radio stations seem to slow everything down music-wise on a Sunday and I find myself being sent to sleep!  I agree with you on the subject of his singing - it's quite rude to butt in like that when someone has requested a specific piece of music and expects to get to listen to it.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • Morning all:

    Lindybird:  I'm bothered by the bath in the skip too - we had a Habitat for Humanity store in town (it was called ReStore and is now closed thanks to Covid - a true loss). ReStore accepted all kinds of fittings and fixtures, etc.,  from remodeling projects and then resold them with proceeds going to the umbrella organization.  I was bemoaning its loss with our friend who's downsizing and has all kinds of tools, etc., her late husband owned that she was planning to take there.     I love "The Lark Ascending"!!  Vaughan William's music carries me right back to the English countryside.......sigh.

    Clare:  I also head for the ocean when I really, really need to get away for an hour or so.  There must be something left over from our primitive brains that finds the rhythm of the surf so soothing.

    Took two loads of things  to a local thrift store yesterday and today am going to put all the empty boxes we used for storing stuff during the recent work back on the high garage shelves.  I also found some carpeting pieces left over from the last time we redid the house and advertised them in the free section of our neighborhood web site; kinds of people are interested....one wants them for her cat's tree.

    Take care everyone.

  • Just finished watching 'Last Night of the Proms'. I thought the singer was amazing, and to be able to sing so appropriately in so many genres - a real talent. I thought the socially-distanced choir did a great job, and very pleased common sense prevailed and they sang the 'traditional' Last Night songs. Political correctness so often goes too far, and this time - thank goodness - common sense won. We know awful things happened in the past, but we can't rewrite history to suit the twenty-first century - what we do have to do is show that we've learned something from it.

    And would I be called a Philistine if I said I preferred the pared down orchestra? You could hear every note - I know the overture like the back of my hand, or so I thought, but I heard a few notes in there that I hadn't ever picked up before. And the way they accompanied 'The Lark Ascending' was magical. Not too sure about the 'reworking' of Jerusalem, but it was certainly different. I was happier with the 'original'! Also not too sure about the National Anthem - but it's always good to hear the second verse!
  • On a completely different note (!)
    The menu for dinner today in the French hospital :-
    Duck a l'orange
    Camembert cheese


  • Almost worth going into hospital for ...
  • Until recent times they served a mini bottle of wine with the meal, so I am told :-)
  • The French know how to live - and how to be sick!