MANTON BAY – AUGUST 2020 to end of FEBRUARY 2021

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    patily said:
    Thank you for your dedication to this nest KAREN Enjoy your me-time and see you next year I for one can't wait
    I love that poem I have a copy in my notes

    Belatedly but sincerely, I also would like to thank you Karen and echo Patily is saying I do hope you enjoy your me-tine. You can really look forward to next year now knowing that there will be sound. Hoorah 

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    Karen W said:

    I am now taking a break so until next March I bid you all farewell but before I go:

    I would like to thank everyone for all their contributions on this thread and also throughout the forum.  It has been another wonderful season and a real privilege watching Maya and Blue 33(11 successfully raise four beautiful healthy chicks.  

    It has been sad seeing this family leave but leave they must and doing so brings to mind a most apt picture/poem Sandra came across on the Explore site and posted last year and I hope she doesn’t mind me posting it here  



    Blue 33(11) & Maya

     Blue 080(20),   Blue 081(20),  Blue 082(20) & Blue 083(20)

     a safe journey and a safe return

    Excellent and very moving , thank you Karen. A great find Sandra, thank you

  • As Richard has reported on the Osprey Sightings thread, 083 has been seen at Abbotsbury in Dorset recently. There are some photos in a private group on Facebook, but I can't find anything public to link to. He looks good anyway!
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    Thanks, Alison. Good news! I read that elsewhere and was wondering about the proof! Any chance you could please ask the person who posted photos on the private FB group if they would permit a copy of one of their photos to be posted here, please? Was 083 fishing or just flying over? Or is that all secret information?!

    Kind regards, 


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    The person who posted was not the photographer so it’s a bit complicated. 083 was photographed in flight but I believe has been seen fishing. I don’t know why this isn’t public. I would have thought Rutland would have been informed.
  • As Jaydee has reported on the other thread, it has now been decided that this is Blue 088, not 083. Also a Rutland bird though. Sorry for the false alarm!
  • always gets confusing,  and not a lot of difference between 083 and 088 on a ring on a moving bird in flight.

    Richard B