• Well, thanks for that Gardenbirder - I saw the robin instantly (tee hee)
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    Gardenbirder said:
    Cirrus, Never mind--I saw the Blue Tit immediately and searched for ages for the oh-so-obvious Robin!

    Hahahaha, typical  

    Thanks for the food info, too!

    A hug to Cirrus 


    This is all I'm producing for the afternoon till nightcam - a solitary duck dived and came up again, don't try to spot the dive, Cirrus!

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  • MC. Lots of Swans this morning. ( 10am ish) Heather says they are Whooper Swans plus a few Canada Geese.
    Two individuals spotted are thought to be the resident Mute pair.

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • MC. For your info. From Chat.
    "2:29 PM
    Heather Corfield
    ​It looks as though the internet has gone down. It may be weather related as it was starting to flood."

    No LS at present.

    Birdies LG DU update.

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    Mike B said:
    No LS at present

    Mine went down @ 14:30.

    Before that, a pheasant and corvid had been peacefully browsing at the feeder:

    But a moment after this they both fled, couldn't see what prompted them:

    Unknown birds but a pretty sight, I thought ;)

    Brief coverage of the Whooper swans but I don't know who the personnel in the final scene were: