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    That is a just about perfect shot of a female Pied Flycatcher.
    Certainly no doubt about that one.

    Richard B

  • Thank you, SANDRA & RICHARD :)

    I can't get much done today - SYAL.

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    01 August cont'd

    KC2 got this one and ate well on the nest:

    A crow flew off with the leftover:

    MrsG got pestered:

    Just before 11:00 KC4 came foraging, left empty:

    Noon+++ Corvids picked around the nest.

    KC4 was back and left:

    KC4 got a Garfish !!!

    KC4 managed to keep hold of it despite arriving rivals, they gave up trying and sat and waited:

    Had to let it go for intruder alert:

    I thought that KC2 got the gar afterwards, but they gradually left and there was no sign of it :-/

    KC3 did some significant stick-shifting before flying.

    This juvie is about to fly with a flounder - can't tell who, but seeing as KC4 has eaten, and KC3 is seen a few minutes later on the nest, then maybe it's KC2?

    But if it was KC3 then he's dropped the fish and come back for another ???

    Cos look, he's got a bit of fish on his beak:

    Not to worry!  He's got a nice trout now:

    He ate it on the nest, may have flown with a tiny bit of tailend.


    I think it was a mullet ???  KC2 flew off with it, leaving disappointed KC4 on the nest:

    MrsG joined©Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlifebut she'd only brought a clump, she didn't stay:

    KC4 waited and waited:

    Practised fending off corvids:

    Got rewarded with a fish, no very good view available, MrsG came and stood by while she was eating it:

    I expect PATILY has been in here saying ENS by now, sorry P, I'm all behind as you can see! :)))

    19:14 MrsG got this fish and flew off with it:

    I wouldn't be surprised if there's some fish skin left on the nest, as KC4 was eating the middle bits and I didn't see her carry anything away when she flew.

    A Jay!  We never had a zoom on it, and it's evening, so...

    I can't see any fish skin:

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    02 August

    Well there was something left, because KC4 came in @ 05:00 and took it away:

    Next was MrsG pottering, shifting around nest material:

    Then corvids and KC3 came and went, this was the scene @ daycam view:

    Breakfish = a flounder for KC2, no-one else around:

    MrsG has been on 'n off, she brought a stick and is now on the perch:

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  • Somebody on the perch Can't erll who through the blurrs Is it still Mrs G?
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    patily said:
    Somebody on the perch Can't erll who through the blurrs Is it still Mrs G?

    Yes it was, PATILY, she flew @ 07:49 but was back again by 08:00, having a jolly good preen, then defending vs corvids and I'm not sure if a larger unseen intruder may have been involved...

    Here, you'd think she was ignoring it, but she's just mentally preparing herself:

    You'd think if it were a larger intruder her wings would mantle more widely... she flew off to chase... EDIT - checking Chat, someone has mentioned an intruder competing for MrsG's attention at this time:

    She must have been very hungry - she deprived KC2 of this half-flounder and flew off with it and Heather said on Chat that she's "chewing her way thru" it in an oak:

    08:58 KC2 had been sitting down, maybe lying low? when she was suddenly disturbed - there was a blackage (not my auto-refresh) and this was her before and after it, so if she got buzzed we missed it - but KC3 had flown in to the perch, he may have cause it:

    What a lovely boy:

    He flew shortly after this:

    Break time here :)

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    Who scared KC3 off the nest?!  (A shortie.)