Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 5 July 2020

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Stay healthy, all.


Here's a repeat of my post at the end of last week's thread:

Hi, folks. I'm late in posting this, but for all of you who are still around tonight (4 July): 


The moon turns full at:

5:44 a.m. tomorrow morning (5 July) in U.K.
12:44 a.m. tonight in Indiana
11:44 a.m. tonight (July 4) in Iowa
9:44 a.m. tonight (July 4) in California 
2:14 p.m. on July 5 in Adelaide, Australia

ALSO: a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is visible (July 4-5) in the U.S. and also in the U.K. Go to this link to find the times that the eclipse begins, reaches maximum, and ends in your area. Just insert your city in the search box in the right column to see your own local times. SEE HERE

Everyone have a good evening!!!

  • Thanks DIANE for starting us off. Full moon here will be lurking behind clouds and misty rain.

    ANNETTE – Chauffeur Friend has ongoing health problems, can’t social distance in a car, so no escapes for us. With her frequent trips out & about to medicos, I am not willing to meet even for coffee. It is too cold to sit on ends of a park bench with a takeaway.

    Church was back to near normal this morn, 1½ m apart except for family groups, sanitizer available, still signing in for contact in case of an outbreak. Nightclubs in the city opened last night for drinking, but no dancing allowed. Young people queuing closely, dancing in street, not worried as they believe virus is gone! Just look at our neighbouring state which has now had to completely lock down several public housing towers after large numbers with virus yesterday and many more exposed to it.

  • He that knows little often repeats it. (old proverb)

    The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits.

    Admit nothing! Deny everything! Make counter-accusations! (Ginger Meggs cartoon)

    Better silent than stupid. (German proverb)

  • Diane:  Thank you and especially for the eclipse info.  It's clear and I'm keeping an eye out!

    AQ; Oh right.  I remember now your friend was unwell; forgot it was winter down there though.   Oh my.  Those sayings/proverbs are tailor-made for Our Very Stable Genius.

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    ANNETTE: I see that I messed up. I should have inserted p.m. not a.m. after the Iowa and California full moon times. I hope you see the eclipse tonight.

  • Diane: Tx - I figured it was p.m. Have been watching it; almost done now.
  • Thank you, DIANE !
    Sorry, AQ, that your friend is still unwell. I think that you are very wise to continue being careful.
    I'm still thinking about Sue, LINDY.
  • Thanks to Diane for starting the new week.

    AQ Sorry your friend is so poorly.

    Another treat yesterday evening. Coming back from Bensons evening walk we stopped to check out a near neighbours squirrel feeder. There was a red squirrel there but he must have sensed us and started to leap through the tree. He was joined by 3 others who leapt from the tree to one in the woods. Oh what fun! One of the collective nouns for squirrels is a scurry. How very fitting.
  • I didn't know that, DIBNLIB! A scurry of squirrels is indeed appropriate :-)
  • Hello, & thanks to Diane.

    Not been on as had very long talk with Sue on the phone, about everything but dogs....

    Mixed weather here - high winds in the night which has broken my bird table in half, the wood must have been more rotten than I thought. My busy OH is out there right now, looking at what needs doing to mend it.

  • Not pleasant weather here, a look at the rainfall radar shows a lot of showers heading our way ! Doesn't look very promising for granddaughter Amy's birthday BBQ tomorrow. She will be 19 so I don't think she'll have a hissy fit (!) A pop up gazebo has been lent so that might help but of course, it isn't big enough to allow for much social distancing. Rain jackets to the fore, I think....