Continued from Manton Bay – May 2020

The history of the Manton Bay nest, breeding stats and links to previous threads can be found here 

The season so far:  The resident pair both returned on 16 March - Blue 33(11) at 07:12 and Maya at 13:16.   For the second consecutive year, Maya laid four eggs – the first on 29 March followed by another three first seen on 4, 6 and 9 April.  Maya and Blue 33(11) faithfully incubated the four eggs and on day 38, the first chick hatched 6 May c13:20 followed by Chick #2 on 8 May c06:10, Chick #3 on 10 May c14:45, and Chick #4 on 13 May c20:45. 

All four chicks have thrived under the protection of Maya and Blue 33(11) who has once again proved to be a fantastic provider for his family.   

In two/three week’s time, the chicks will be ringed and we’ll learn a bit more about them. 

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