Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 31 May 2020

  • Very hot here now: supposed to be 24 degrees but it's much hotter than that. My OH is outside under the umbrella & I'm in the coolest room - our tiny sitting room.

    Had a cold drink with my OHs sister Sue in her back garden this morning. She is terrified of going out now, after hardly leaving the house for all these weeks. We pointed out that she doesn't have to.

    I struggled to get anything to post when on this tablet this morning, and as we were going out, I had to give up.

  • LINDY - I know of a lot of folk up here who are scared to go out now. There was no necessity here for over 70s in good health to avoid going out but I appreciate that the advice was confusing. My leaflet from the Scottish Government made it quite clear that over 70s could go out for essential shopping as long as we strictly observed social distancing guidelines .Also, we have certain shopping hours for the golden oldies. Most of the time in my Tesco Metro it is very quiet early in the morning. Those older folk with health issues must indeed feel a bit anxious now, to start picking up life again, even in a small way.
  • SunnyKate:  Thanks for the cuckoo link, but oh dear - stealing an egg.  I didn't realize they did that. I thought they just laid eggs in other birds' nests and then departed....

    Heather:  That's frustrating about nephew.  I like to know chapter and verse too.  When my cousin died of cancer years back, I kept asking what kind and where, etc., but never did get definitive answers.  

    I've been watching the SpaceX Dragon dock and will tune in for the hatch opening in a bit and the on-board 'welcoming' ceremony.  Wonder if they'll serve bubbly..

    Meanwhile, the US continues on its way to hell in a hand basket....  I may go for a walk by the ocean this afternoon to remind myself that when all's said and done, Nature will have her way and hopefully the planet will be alive and well after our kind have long gone.  And on that cheery note......!  :-)

  • SunnyKate, Interesting cuckoo link. Thank you. I did not realise they 'swopped' eggs either.

    Heather (and others), I do not tolerate hot weather well. I should not be living in the south east. Unusually though, I think it is not as warm here as further north and west. There is a lovely cool breeze blowing here today.

    I have got so used to shopping in golden oldies hours, that it will be strange to venture out at other times. I think I will stay with the early hours as long as the supermarkets provide them.
  • As expected, we heard from Viking today and our Douro cruise at the end of August is cancelled. We will try to book for same next year when we can get through to the call centre.
  • That's sad, DIBNLIB but as you say, not unexpected x
  • What a shame, dibnlib. I suppose August is just too near - only a matter of weeks away.

    Heather, sis in law has tended to have "chest problems" in the past, although she does not smoke. She didn't class as one of the vulnerable but we all decided that she was. (& she's mid 70s).

    Annette, every time things get awful on The News I go out in the garden,look at my flowers and listen to the birds.

  • Nature is such a wonderful thing. When we saw the squirrels a couple of days ago, it made us smile and realise how very luck we are.
  • Heck, LINDY, she was very obedient!! My children, well, three of them, decided that I shouldn't be going out. I told them that it was lovely that they cared so much but I wasn't ready to activate the Power of Attorney yet as I'm only 74 :-) They are all OK with it, I have no heath issues so that made it easier for them once I reminded them that I was the Boss.