Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 31 May 2020


I hope everyone has a good and safe week. 

  • Heather: I hope your nephew's condition improves soon, and he makes a full recovery.
  • Thanks Diane: Let us know how the cocoon is doing (and you too). :-)
  • Just a thought

    One encouraging word drowns out a thousand words of criticism. (Matthew Reilly)

  • Our crabapple tree; it is huge, taller than the house. The fence behind is 6 foot high, so at least twice that.

    Our first snowflakes (Leucojum vernum).

  • AQ: Seeing your winter flowers reminded me we're only three weeks away from longest/shortest days of the year. And what a year....

    Have a good Sunday everyone.
  • Not sure if you have seen this thread,but Bob has been following and capturing a Cuckoo,

    amazing photography including stealing Egg.



  • Thank you, SunnyKate. Indeed a remarkable set of photographs. Great to see them.

    Happy Pentecost, everyone. And looks like another lovely day out there. Looking forward to my walk later - possibly much later!
  • ANNETTE - in answer to your question - as of last night, my nephew was getting oxygen via the adapted CPAP machine. He was described as being very sleepy which could mean just that, or is a euphemism - nurse talk - for semi conscious. I need to speak directly with my sis in law. It is hard to have a proper conversation with my brother! I love him dearly but keeping to the point is not his ....strong point.... Most sentences end with ' oh well, hey ho'.

    Another hot day here, I think. I don't like it when the temperature is above 20c.

  • Good Morning. Hav ing probs posting, back later.

  • ANNETTE love the jacaranda tree. I stayed in a hotel in Singapore called the Jacaranda, the whole street was lined with them, beautiful. Yes the pics were Azaeleas.

    Agree with Heather. I can tolerate 22 degrees, anything more and I wilt.