WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY MAY 17, 2020

  • PAT - Well done and good luck with your newest project ! You and OG could exchange ideas....
    ANNETTE - like LINDY, I'm curious about the parcel... Happy birthday to your OH.
    I empathise with your problems with specs etc. And the pump and why oh why doesn't life go smoothly? I love lavateras but they are not happy this far North, sometimes. We had a beauty but lost it during a very cold winter.
    Fruit pudding - Well the fruit part is OK but the pudding is made with suet. I think it is heavy and well - just not for me, especially at breakfast. I hate haggis but like black pudding especially Stornoway black pudding. I can take or leave tattie scones and baked beans, though.
    I have finally got and accepted a quote for the new fence at the front of the house between me and a neighbour. Such a relief, he will start next week - he says -
    I know that there are more replies in my head but they are at present in an inaccessible place, there.
    Thanks to all for news.
  • AQ - like Annette, I didn't envisage you as having long hair! I've never had hair past my shoulders and that wasn't yesterday... Right now though, you have the advantage :-) Mine isn't long enough to tie up, it is just hanging there, looking awful. My OH would call it ' henging mince' which doesn't do good minced meat any favours.....
  • Hallo all:   Well, I ordered OH's favorite dish from our favorite restaurant as a take-out but it turns out they reopened today.  I'll still get the order to go, but it'll be interesting to stick my head in the door and see how they've set it all up under the new rules

    Lindybird:  I typically wear just one glove on my right hand and discard it after I've loaded stuff into the car but before I get in (use my left hand to push key fob buttons, etc.)   The feeling about masks (it does keep changing), is that yes, they do protect other people from your germs but if you're out and about and someone close by lets loose with a coughing/sneezing fit, you're in less danger of catching those pesky droplets they keep telling us transmit the virus.  Honestly though......   Interestingly enough,some neighborhoods not far from ours are reporting cars being broken into, though more major serious have dropped (for now)..  I too have been amazed at how light birds are on the rare occasions I've had to handle one.   I was watching butterflies being tossed all over the place in the heavy winds a few days back and wondering how they're built to withstand the elements and migrate hundreds and even thousands of miles......  Not like AQ's wayward pelican.

    Heather:  Glad you got an acceptable quote from the fence guy; we're now thinking it might soon be time to call the painters and the floor people back.  I notice the people across the road have had some workmen in....  Masks all around and safe distancing and all that....

  • I seem to have had a strangely disjointed day. ... I just read a reference to AQs pelican, which I seem to have missed. So I looked back. Funny, that!

    Annette, I do sometimes garden wearing only one glove, myself. It's a compromise between the need to be able to grab unsavoury, prickly things, and not being able to feel my way around. I also often seem to be wearing slippers, which I once wrote a poem about but never posted on here as I don't want it copied. :-(

    Must get some shut eye.
  • I wrote two posts earlier, joining in the breakfast conversation, but they both got lost somewhere between the fried bread and the tomatoes. ( Never liked fried bread, but love tomatoes). I see the conversation has moved on now though.

    I wear gloves when I am food shopping, as most people here seem to do. Maybe others use hand gel. About a third to a half of people wear masks, but I do not. I think it gives some people a false sense of security. I notice the mask wearers get much closer to me at the checkout.

    Lindy, We have two red poppies in bloom today. I enjoy seeing your pictures.

    Happy birthday to your OH Annette. I am also curious about the parcel.

    My son apparently had sent us a photo album for our anniversary, but it has not arrived. He was notified that it had been delivered. I know that he put a lot of work into it.
  • ANNETTE – What on earth are Birkenwhatits? Oh, I googled. Definitely not. I either wear plain slip-on flatties or lace-up sneakers (for safety on excursions, city, etc). I only have 2 pairs of footwear. Unlike someone else on here <grin>.

    Our church will resume this Sunday with strict conditions. No normal service. Only 10, all 1.5 m apart, leave name & contact details (for tracing if a virus outbreak occurs), hand sanitizer supplied. People prepare in cars (prayers, readings) and entering church 10 a time for communion, bread only, in the hand, a blessing & depart to allow next group. I wonder how many can pass through in 3 hours? The vulnerable advised to stay home. I shall continue with the livestreaming for a while longer.

    I was surprised to hear this morn that UK has not yet imposed quarantine on incoming travellers. We did, perhaps that’s why our state can say no active cases.  Backdown by our Premier and yesterday hotels could join cafes in serving meals & alcohol, still only to 10 inside, 10 outside. Not many are bothering as they claim it is not viable, but those that do open are busy.

    Our health experts advise gloves not a good idea because people then forget to wash or sanitize. They say masks are no use if one is well. Advice is to stay home if any symptoms. Dau & I agree that it is amazing how often we have a tickle in the throat while shopping and struggle to suppress the automatic cough. I carry a small sanitizer in my pocket and dose my hands between shops.

    LINDA - Crime is up here. Shop break-ins, stolen cars, speeding cars, crashes. Those caught are usually without licence, on alcohol, drugs.

  • Just a thought
    Life without dreams is like a bird with a broken wing - it can't fly. (Dan Pena)
  • AQ: I wish all these medical authorities would get together and figure out the whole masks/gloves debate. Meanwhile.....    Haha.  Birkenstocks are what the hippies wore back in the day; older hippies (our age) often have long hair and wear Birkenstocks or something similar that my friend calls "Jesus sandals."  Have no idea.....

    OK, so the hamper from the UK family was from British Hamper Company and included Hawkshead Relish's Raspberry & Vanilla Jam; Traditional English Mustard and Seville Orange Marmalade;  All You Need's Red Onion Chutney, a broad selection of savory biscuits, Rosemary & Garlic Olives, Cornish Sea-salt Crumbly Fudge, Raspberry & Cream Shortbread, nuts, chocolates and teas..   I was just as thrilled with the box in which it all was packed (sturdy, attractive, definitely not to be put out for recycling) - even the ribbon and the packing material were nice!  My niece ordered it Sunday and it arrived Wednesday. A lovely gift.  Hate to think how much they spent!

    I got OH's favorite dish from the fish restaurant and discovered that it reopened just today with reduced capacity for in-house dining.  I was waiting to pick up our food and a foursome came in for dinner:  "This is so exciting," said the husband and I have to say it was nice to see the place open.

  • ANNETTE - Plenty of treats then. . . and shareable too.

  • AQ;  Let me know when you'll be here and I'll chill a bottle of wine....