WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY MAY 17, 2020

  • What a little cutie, LINDA, and looks as if she knows it! She's lost that "prem-baby" look and has blossomed! It was indeed very summery yesterday - pleased you and S-in-L could sit outside together. OH planted more seeds in the morning and painted another fence panel after lunch. I worked vaguely on the Magazine - very tired all day. The menfolk did quite well with the hair trimming - wish I could stand up long enough to give OH a bit of style. J's is fine as he just has it shaved.

    DIBNLIB - good that you have a bright and colourful jigsaw.

    HEATHER - I guess you won't be pulling weeds today - and do take care, whatever you are doing!

    ANNETTE - lavatera remedy does sound like lots of hard work for a long time - hope it works. Haven't had one here for years - and Japanese Anemones totally took over it's space at the back of the bird patch.

    AQ - I'm sure it's okay to give those leggings to the needy box - if they are in need, they shouldn't criticise what they are given. Here in Scotland we are expecting some sort of announcement today as to how we might come out of lockdown, maybe next week - expecting simple baby steps to start with.

    I think the overnight rain here was an appreciable amount - in the current sunshine, all the colours look bright and cheery. Going to be adventurous and bake scones this afternoon. J is missing his departmental meeting which was moved from Monday this week - he has a really bad headache accompanied by much moaning and groaning. Our telephones failed this morning - but not the broadband - all working now.
  • Morning all:   Not much to report here.

    Lindybird:  Re gardening gloves,  I have thick thorn-proof ones for the roses and thin rubbery things for finer work, but they're still not as sensitive as fingertips, which is why I've probably never had or wanted a manicure.  Thanks for the photo of that little sweetie - I used to love making daisy chains. :-)

    AQ:  Hope those colorful leggings find a good home.  I'm no longer surprised at what some children (and adults) like to wear.  

    OG:  All the hard work on the lavatera is done, but I'm losing enthusiasm for plants that have to be cajoled....   We have a bunch of spider plants on the built-up border along the back, which are thriving to an unseemly degree.  OH planted them when we first moved in.  A few weeks back he announced he didn't really like them.  Oh? News to me.   So a week or so later I announced plans to rip them out - only to have him protest!   Then we have a Tecoma Stans that puts out glorious yellow blooms all summer and fall but goes through an ugly spring phase. OH suggested we get rid of it during that phase (over my dead body!), only to declare how lovely it was us this week!  I've decided to ignore him - half the time he doesn't notice what I do out there anyway!  Scones sound yummy.  Do you have clotted cream too?

    Off to do something or other....

  • No clotted cream - I always want scones available for my breakfast when I get tired of bread or toast (don't like cereals - always say one might as well eat the cardboard packet as the cereal inside!). I can't actually make scones, so usually buy them for the freezer, but have run out and can't buy more right now. We made them together (Cinnamon) and they have turned out very heavy - I think OH over-kneaded them - but edible and a nice flavour.
  • Good evening all.

    Annette, I have spider plants growing in two of my window boxes, They are tough as old boots, and take very little maintenance, and tolerate the south facing window (my kitchen). I have tried various other plants there over the years.
    Different types of lavender mostly, but they do not do well. I like something growing there to partly hide some ugly (but necessary) pipes on the opposite wall of the light well. I do successfully grow daffodils in the boxes in the spring.

    Last week (I may have mentioned it), I planted some sunflowers in the garden, but omitted to tell the gardener. Oops! They disappeared with the weeds. Luckily, I had some more on the balcony, so they have been replaced. I have labelled them this time, and told the gardener where they are.

    OG, I love scones, but mine always turn out rather brick- like. I like the idea of cinnamon ones.
  • Talking of scones ..,Some of you might know the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore which is sadly closed. But Kirsten has a pop

    Bothy shop in Grantown on Spey. So on Sunday I picked up

    a cream tea . Lush. Today freshly baked bread. More scones for freezer on Sunday. Her millionaires shortbread is to die for.

  • Her cream tea comes complete with homemade strawberry jam and cream.
    It’s all left in her porch so social distancing rules adhered to.
    Still not been into a shop since lockdown but you can collect plants from the Heather Centre at the same time.
    So need a hair cut as I have hated long hair since I cut my plaits off at 11 years old.
    As you know I lurk but I do read.
    OH on a 4 day week ( as you know he is younger than me and mentally not ready to retire). He is quite happy about it as we are totally replanting garden as it’s not what I want after planting it from scratch 19 years ago.
  • In reply to Wendyb:

    Wendyb - looks delicious and all sound delicious - send some down south. You'll have to cut your own hair, Wendy, that is what I have done just to keep it short until hairdressers reopen. It's not bad but went a bit too short at the front and have to try and comb hair over the nearly bald patch, oh dear!! Never mind, it will grow in time.

    Find I'm getting my shopping delivered much better now - I shop online. 1st June Morrisons is changing its tactics and will be delivering from local stores instead of a centre so just have to wait till then to sign on again and change the odd thing and then off we go again, hopefully. Managed to get shops for this week and next, not bad.

    Managed to sweep up in the garage. We have mice but not sure where they are so have to keep moving stuff as they seem to find things to knaw into..


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Lynette I have been lucky as now get 2 small shops a week one from Asda and the other from Tesco .
    I have some thinning scissors and will get OH to google an online video. Will just take a deep breath .
  • LINDA – Rosie is a gorgeous blossom.

    OG – I have Uncle Toby’s cereal for breakfast; it’s just named Plus. It’s not quite muesli. My version is made of whole grain (wheat, oats, corn), nut clusters (almonds, cashews) and whole cashews. Every mouthful is different, very crunchy. When I am away on bus trips, I indulge myself with bacon & eggs (poached or scrambled). Some places add various parts of “English breakfast”, usually tomato or mushrooms. I figure that the extra calories are worn off during the excursions.

    ANNETTE – Recently OH suggested removing the Clivia, previously one of his favourites. I hate it as it has always looked a mess and is a snail hub. I was surprised at his comment but I have taken care to replant two small pieces in case he changes his mind. Then if they don’t survive (ahem with assistance from me), I can say “Oh dear, it didn’t like, etc.” Whenever I plant anything new, I have to be alert in case he “weeds”.

    WENDY – Yum! Too bad our borders are closed, or I would order a delivery DownUnder LOL.

    I was woken early this morn, before 7 am by banging from Grand Design. OH said they were keen, working in the rain by torchlight. (Sunrise today was 7.09 am)

  • Didn’t sleep much, but I got a few solid hours worrying done. 

    Me & my bed are perfect for each other, but my alarm clock keeps trying to break us up. 

    Some people can’t sleep because they have insomnia. I can’t sleep because I have internet. 

    If you want breakfast in bed. Sleep in the kitchen.