Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 5 April 2020

  • LOL, HEATHER!! You're right!

    Been on the phone for about an hour & a half - speaking to my cousin, who lives alone and to my dear friends OH, who is the same. He has managed to tag on his shopping orders to someone else's, who lives at the end of his road and gets a delivery from Waitrose. His dog has been unwell, to add to his woes, having eaten something unsavoury, but the vets were very good & saw them by way of his drawing into the car park and passing their dog to the vet nurse. Now on medication so hopefully they'll both soon be out walking again.

    Sunny here but very very breezy, so no sitting out in the garden for us although I've done a quick bit of gardening.

  • 2nd attempt

    LINDY Sorry to hear your friends OHs dog has been poorly. Glad the vet was able to help despite the restrictions.

    Lovely hour plus walk with Benson this morning. I topped up the birdbath on return home and within 30 secs there was Blackbird enjoying a bath and preening. How good is that.
  • Heather:  I can't imagine whose mouth - oh wait!  of course.  :-))

  • Oh dear. My son is telling me that I can go shopping a couple of times a week but my eldest daughter is telling me to stay inside and she will do shopping for me. I'm 74 and in good health. Heck, what to do ?
  • Heather - Suggest once a week shopping which can be your allowed exercise for that day. I bent the rules one day last week when I walked down to the chemist and back, and then walked around the grounds. The chemist very kindly delivered my repeat prescription items, but one of them is wrong. So I'll have to walk back and return them and get the right things tomorrow. Why is nothing easy? But certainly can't knock the weather over the past couple of days.
  • Heather maybe go with daughters suggestion I would as I know the wrath of my youngest would be upon me.
    Not been to a shop for 16 days and my husband has probably not been to one in the last 2 years.
    Just go for walks that don’t include shops.
    Lovely warm windy day so I nice hill walk and some autumn dead stuff garden tidy up. Loads more to do but I can see an improvement . Behind a lot of you as my daffs are still in bud .
  • PS not used my purse either so moths are having a field day:-))
  • Wendy - I was only thinking earlier today that I haven't opened my purse or used my credit card for ages. Every cloud ...
  • Sadly Pat credit card linked to Amazon has been activated..
    I have always bought my favourite coffee from them. The only shop nearly locally that sells it is Sainsbury’s which is a 70 mile round trip.
    Also bought a new pressure washer free delivery and no human contact as my delivery guys know to just put things in the garage .
  • HEATHER- how difficult having conflicting advice from two of the family! You must just do what you yourself think is right for you!

    Lovely afternoon for a lazy sit in the garden this afternoon - should do it more often! OH is now watering.