Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 5 April 2020


The full super moon is the night of 7-8 April. 

I hope everyone stays healthy and has an easy week. Hang in there, folks! 

Here are some horses grazing Friday on the big sky prairie near Lafayette, Indiana, where I grew up. 

  • NASA has developed a website full of fun things to do, read, and watch while folks are quarantined or sheltering in place. It includes virtual tours, podcasts, ebooks, and videos. All free. The link is HERE. There are activities, books, etc. for children and adults.

  • I've been distracted and busy with work, and I forgot to say that it was a pleasure to see SunnyKate2 and Cirrus here on the thread last week! Stop by and chat any time. SunnyKate2, glad you also enjoy the jigsaw puzzles! Also, always nice to see BJane

    Annette: I also forgot to thank you for those wonderful science sites that you posted! Wonderful! I've bookmarked them to explore more thoroughly when I have this project put to bed!!!

    Lynette: I'm so very sorry that your family has been hit by the virus. Sending you all good wishes. I hope your eye is healing.

  • Diane: Thank you for starting us off, news about the super moon, the big-sky picture of Indiana.and especially the NASA link (which I've bookmarked)!!   I'm currently watching Frontline's Plastic Wars.  Turns out we've been scammed for decades by the companies that produce the stuff.  Arghhh....

    AQ: Home improvement projects are underway here too - the folks across the road are replacing their fence while the folks up the road are adding on an extra room...  If I weren't such a sloppy painter, I'd start painting the house myself.  The flat wall paint goes on easily, but the satin-finish trim isn't as cooperative and then there's all the prep work.  :-(  

    Rain due here for the next few days - amazing to have it this late....

    Take care everyone.

  • Good Morning, and thank you to DIANE for once again starting us off, and for the links.

    Sunny and bright here, as promised for today, but the wind sort of looks chilly, if you know what I mean. I'm hoping to go out into the garden to get some of my exercise, there's always something that needs doing. We'll have to do some watering, for instance, as we've had next to no rain for weeks.

    Last evening we had a pleasant chicken dinner with a glass of white, but afterwards my OH said he felt nauseous. He spent an uncomfortable evening and we went to bed early. This morning he says he feels better, but 'delicate'. I told him to eat little, and eat it slowly. We'll have to wait and see, perhaps it's just his stomach which can't face the foods he used to love.

    Everyone have a good Sunday!
  • Just read back, and saw the last posts for last week: thanks for the quotes, AQ, including my own! Sue and I were only saying the other day that music helps keep us going, and we feel that people who enjoy it are getting a large benefit from its calming influence.

    On an extra note, we were very annoyed last night when we were told huge quotes from the Queens upcoming speech - what is the point of her making any points if we're to be told the content before she says it??

  • Another view of the magnolias we enjoy over the hedge, from next door.

  • DIANE Thank you for starting the week off

    LINDY Sorry your OH is under the weather. Yes I too have never understood the need to tell us the contents of the Queens broadcasts before she speaks.
  • Missed AQ's quotes from last night as I can't get onto the old thread.

    DIANE - thanks for the new week. and NASA link.

    LINDA - watering a regular occupation here too - even a few showers we have had did not produce enough for everything which is busy growing. Totally agree about media release of quotes from speeches before they are made. Am quite looking forward to hearing from HM this evening - will make a change from that silly man across the pond!
  • The mouth puckers up like a baby looking for the next feed or dummy.....