LOCH ARKAIG - The Woodland Trust - March 2020

Here's hoping for a successful 2020 season.

Link to last thread, September 2019 - February 2020.

Sandra first reported 2 birds on the nest at 19.12 on 4 April 2019. Louis and Aila were back! They laid 3 eggs, one failed, but we hope to see chicks Mallie and Rannoch - both female (although some doubt about Mallie) within a few years, maybe even next.

Link to webcam, courtesy of The Woodland Trust

  • En attendant Louis and Aila. Raining there.

    (c) The Woodland Trust

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    Thanks for starting the new thread, Korky :)
  • Thanks KORKY for starting off the thread, intro and for the webcam link.

    Looking forward to another season here for it has been fascinating following Alia and Lewis' progress.

    Wishing them both a safe journey home and for another successful season.

  • Thanks for setting this up Korky, looking forward to seeing Louis & Aila again. Ian
  • 15.31, hailstones bouncing on the nest, welcome to spring in Scotland :) Ian
  • A useful link .. HERE ..to gain more understanding about the Loch Arkaig Osprey nest

    I refrain from apology...but give due credit to the creator of the 'Woodland Trust' page -  

    Arkaig ospreys: your questions answered.

    JH4 – Lachlan, male, fledged in 2017
    JJ0 – Mallie, female, fledged in 2019
    JJ2 – Rannoch, female, fledged in 2019


    4 April - Louis arrived
    4 April - Aila arrived

    23 April - first egg laid
    26 April - second egg laid
    29 April - third egg laid

    1 June - first egg hatched (Mallie)
    4 June - second egg hatched (Rannoch)

    4 July - Mallie and Rannoch ringed
    20 July - Mallie fledged
    27 July - Rannoch fledged

    Question is....will Lachlan put in an appearance sometime this year?

    Exciting times ahead....I hope.

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    Thanks Trying. Fingers crossed that Lachie will be seen.
  • Thanks, Korky, for the new thread and to Trying for the details of last year, etc. Fingers crossed for the successful return of this pair and for a successful year.

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  • Thanks Trying for the information. Being a bit pedantic & with every chance of being wrong (I'm relying on my memory here), I seem to recall that the second egg was the one that failed so eggs 1 & 3 hatched. Ian