The purpose of this thread is for recording all discussions, news, blogs etc relating to the Dyfi Ospreys and the new Dyfi Wildlife Centre.    A separate thread “DYFI NEST OBSERVATIONS & CAPTURES - 2020 will be set up for all “observations”, ”captures” and “videos” of the daily nest activity.   

A new season and a new wildlife visitor centre!!     While the ospreys have been off on their winter vacation, it has been a very busy time at the Dyfi and finally their new flagship environmentally-based visitor centre is nearing the end of its construction.    This has been a huge undertaking as seen in their virtual video tour filmed in February, 2020.   Link:  Building the Dyfi Wildlife Centre - a virtual video tour filmed Feb 2020

An exciting year ahead as we await the return of the osprey and the opening of their new centre.   

Wishing them every success.

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