MANTON BAY - March 2020

  • Hi KAREN et al great to "see" you and thanks for starting the thread KAREN I can barely contain myself waiting to see and hear of the safe return of our favourite birds. I woner with thi new set-up we will get less patchy newsof what is happening on nests other than MB One of the birds I like to have news of is 30/05 I know she teamed with a new mate in 2015 and bred successfully that year but I seem to have no record of whether this partnership lasted and whether they continued to be successful. Does anybody know, please? Have I missed vital blogs? I don't want to make a big deal about it but I'm not great at the mo and can''t wade through past blogs Thanks to anyone who has any info
  • Hi Patily – lovely to see you.  Sorry to read you are not feeling so great but hopefully you will do so soon.   Likewise, I can’t wait on them coming back – starting to get excited especially as Alan Petrie reported some sightings at Gibraltar so they’re on their way!

    There has been no new blogs however, as I had registered for newsletters, I received some news which I posted on the Rutland thread 26 February which basically is just introducing this year’s team.   Here is a link for you.     

    Also, on the Rutland thread, in case you have not seen it, fantastic news posted by Alison Copland that Blue 056 from last season has been sighted a few times in the Gambia.   Here is a link to her post

    Sorry, I don't know anything about 30(05) but if I find out anything, I'll let you know :-)

  • I couldn't see this thread in the list so I'm bumping it.
  • Thanks KAREN I was looking at the Rutland thread before I came here and at the new website and have now signed up for newsletters too
  • Last year at this time the webcam was up and running and we were busy commenting about the EGs.

    Glaslyn and Lowes are up so hopefully LRWT's techie guys get a move on so any issues can be resolved and staff trained how to use the equipment before the season starts.

    BTW ....    Alan has not long reported a sighting in Norfork!!

  • Maya on her way?! We need the live stream...
  • Thanks, All. I wonder if one of the 2 UK sightings noted by Alan today on the Osprey Sightings thread is Maya.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Morning All

    I have just phoned the ROP office enquiring about when the webcam is going to be up and running!

    They advise it should be up within the next few day and will advise on social media.
  • Ha Ha! Just done the same Karen and came here to post!!

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Hi Mike - great minds think alike ... LOL