Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 26 January 2020

  • J has taken his weekly train journey to Carlisle - first time for a while. Went via a haircut, so don't know what time he will have arrived! He walked into town and back yesterday to test his legs as he hadn't been out.

    We are having a slow day at home!
  • Morning all:  Site was down late last evening our time.   AZ contingent all here and still snoozing.  Grandson is joining us for the day - his truck is being worked on so he's taking the Surfliner train - which in this instance runs almost door-to-door and we'll be picking him up.  What's also good about that is that he can enjoy something stronger than water given that he won't be behind the wheel come time to head home this evening.

    Lindybird:  I think the election is our next best hope - either that or an act of God.  

    Take care all

  • Enjoy your family, Annette.

    Weather here has been springlike up to now. Our snowdrops are opening their eyes and saying "Is it time??" As I began this post, the skies have darkened somewhat, just in time for my OH to need to take Bonnie for her walk.

    Yesterday, the postman brought my brother's Christmas card from South Africa!! According to the postmark, posted on 12th December. As usual, will pop it on top of the stuff put away for next December so that it can be put out next festive season.

  • Yes, ANNETTE - I was listening last night and heard that John Bolton wasn't going to be called and two Republicans voted with the other side. ?49 to 51? So as you say, the Election is the next chance..

    I'm not commenting on Brexit except to say that all the singing etc from both sides was rather over the top in my opinion.

    I've got Mia and Isla here so had better go and see what they are up to!
  • Lindy - thank you! Your sorting and decluttering made me start this morning. What really persuaded me it was time was when I opened a drawer in the sideboard to get something, and couldn't close it again! So this morning I have turned out all four drawers - quite large ones - and discovered all sorts of treasures as well as all sorts of rubbish. I don't think I'd been to the bottom of those drawers since I moved in here nine and a half years ago .. just piled more stuff on top. Now I've disposed of instruction manuals for things that have been disposed of years ago, old Christmas and birthday cards, tablecloths and mats, and all sorts of 'precious' items at least some of which I may be able to sell. And now the drawers are tidy and not a bit 'stuffed'. Do I feel virtuous? You bet I do! The next thing to tackle is my huge collection of photographs …
  • Pat ; Don't mention photographs! We have a boxful to be sorted, which has been in the same place since we moved here. We almost trip over it every day. Well done on the other stuff.
    I wondered what had happened to the site this morning. I thought it was me.
  • Glad I've inspired someone, Pat. We're still living with boxes of papers, CDs, photos, letters.....you name it, we have drawers full! And now cardboard boxes waiting to be sorted out. We enjoyed the rest of the packet of hot cross buns today, by the way, but as my OH is the one who asks for them but wasn't too keen on the unusual flavour, we might not go for any other than the traditional in future. We prefer them to what used to be sold in winter, toasted teacakes. (Just had to add 'teacakes' to my tablet dictionary!)

    Rosy, I'm one who starts to put photos in albums but then gets sidetracked halfway through. Consequently I've got lots (LOTS!) of pictures in boxes, several half done albums, and some empty albums. Ugh. It's almost too much to face doing, but I suppose I'll have to get around to it someday.

    EDIT:  The very large framed photos are now in a cardboard box on the spare bed. One of them, a much loved pic of Amber as a little tot, is on the new furniture but what to do with the rest? I know people who have them in groups, displayed on the wall, but we have very little empty wall left now, anywhere. I might do AQs suggestion and rotate them all but will still have to find somewhere to put them