Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 19 January 2020

  • Furniture looks at home now! Still chaos with the books being sorted, & these small drawers are still empty! Lovely sunshine here today :-)

  • I really like that unit, Lindy. Here are some suggestions for the small drawers - well, what I would use them for!! … Drawer 1 - small scissors, stapler and spare staples, calculator; Drawer 2 - Sellotape, pencils, pencil sharpener, pens, erasers, marker pens; Drawer 3 - scented candles, lighter, matches; Drawer 4 - spare batteries, instruction booklets, timed guarantees. You can tell from this that none of these items have a proper home in my house! At least if they were assigned to one of the drawers I would know where they were - I'm pretty good at putting things back in their place if they have a place in the first place, if you see what I mean! I'm sure each one of us could fill those little drawers - and the whole unit is so attractive. Well bought, I say!
  • Hi! Been working on next magazine for Church – the months seem very short these days! Also had haircuts this afternoon – done away with the attempt at a “bob” and back to short hair again. J is having real trouble with his glasses not being right. Woman from hospital phoned today but his phone was late delivering her message, which was that she is hoping to find a solution until he can see optician – which should wait two weeks. She is going to phone again tomorrow – he was also trying to phone her this afternoon to check whether the feelings in his operated eye are normal. Doc will also phone in the morning to try to fix time off work – no way he can go in with and eyepatch and two unco-ordinated eyes!

    LYNETTE – J’s eye op was very different from the cataract surgery you and I had! The eye muscles were shortened by detaching them from the outside of the eyeball and reattaching them in different spot, under general anaesthetic, and then using local anaesthetic only to make final adjustments! Glad your eyes are doing well – I have been very pleased with my two cataract surgeries. Sorry to read about the leaking pipe – glad you got it fixed – now decorating to do on ceiling, I suppose, once it has all dried out.

    AQ – Sorry the rain is not coming your way – but I don’t think those hailstones in Canberra and Melbourne would be very pleasant! I found a large piece of glitter stuck to the corridor wall this morning – I assume it was collected by static in the air.

    LINDA – glad you were feeling better today. Not as cold here, but very dark all day. I would keep napkin rings, tablemats and possibly cutlery in the wee drawers – but I am now not sure whether this is actually your dining room!

    PAT – I have most of those things in their own drawers in the study – we no longer use candles now I am unsteady on my feet – too much of a hazard.

    Well, looks like I have caught up again, so back to the magazine!
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Lindybird-LOVE the new furniture!
  • Thanks for all the approval of the new furniture. Yes, OG it is in our small dining room. The doors to the conservatory are off to the left, and the glassed door you can see on the right, goes into the hall. We have another similar unit on the opposite side of the room, with glass display shelves. Our old dining table is going to remain, because I love it so much! It's round, but has a nifty centrepiece which pops up to make it twice as big, and oval shaped. Its teak but not so orangey that it clashes with the new stuff. We bought it from an elderly lady in our town who was downsizing - I only wanted the table but bought the 4 chairs, too, saying to my OH that we could replace them later. But they grew on me so we still have them, it must be 25 years ago now! Before that, we had a cast off table from my parents....

    Pat, one of the small drawers is already destined for the chequebooks and pens, plus the odd pending bill which needs attention. One of the others will be handy for drinks coasters - but none of them are big enough for tablemats. The few tablecloths I have left will go into one of the drawers below the TV. Mostly, we just use large mats on the table without a cloth - one day, I thought "Why am I laundering all these cloths?"

    EDIT:  I added the flourish of a bunch of daffs as the supermarket were selling them for only a pound!  Irresistible!

  • My tablet didn't like the English word for checkbook...... & tried to alter several other things, too.

    OG - Sorry J is having such a rotten time. Best to ring and check to see if what he's feeling is normal.

    I spoke too soon saying that I felt better this morning, as one hour later I began sneezing violently, something which has not been in my recent repertoire. Now I seem to have a full blown head cold, so not sure if it's a new infection or if I'm just managing to have my recent infection, backwards!
  • Good Morning. Dry here and not too cold: my intrepid OH has gone off to golf, even though the ground will still be very wet due to all the rain we had.

    I was going to go to do some errands, including taking two bags of books to charity outlets, but as I'm not 100%, I think I'll just make a quick foray to the supermarket for milk and tissues! Then I'll do some more pottering about - I've not even looked at my emails for 4 or 5 days.

    Yesterday I asked my OH for the little jar of Vick he had by the bed - he's been breathing it in to help his bad chest. When I smelled it, it was odd, so I looked at the box it was in for the supposed use by date --- --- it read "June 1993!"  ----   ----   it's going in the bin!!!!!

  • Lindy - Is that a record???? It certainly beat the jar of cinnamon I discovered lurking in the cupboard a few months ago, dated 1996 … but that smelled fine, so it's still there! I only use cinnamon at Christmas for mulled wine, so it will probably last a few more years yet!

    I heard someone recently suggest putting Vick on your feet - can't remember what it was for, but it was something to do with reflexology. It made me wonder - who was the first person to try that, and why?