Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 5 January 2020

  • ANNETTE - HM the Queen has such a great sense of duty, this must be so painful for her, especially now, following the Prince Andrew troubles (which are still to be resolved) and the illness of the Duke of Edinburgh.
  • OG; Another annus horribilis? And it's only January....
  • I've been feeling for the Queen. Not too long ago we were saying how stable and how well the Royals were doing in this modern world. She has done a brilliant job and her sense of duty is very keen - she got that from her father. So to find a loved member of the family saying that they want out must be very dismaying to her.

    As someone said in one of the papers today, that if the Sussexes want a quieter life then they've gone the wrong way about it, and there will now be intense speculation about their every move. Ho hum.

    Still fairly windy here, and I had a rest after lunch as very weary - I've been bending down emptying the sideboard and it doesn't seem to agree with my ears at all, as they're full of something. Found some weird and wonderful things in the back of the cupboard -- CDs I've been looking for elsewhere (we also keep some upstairs & in the car), a candle snuffer, letters from relatives, address labels.....

    My OH is going to help me to empty the last of the pots, then on Monday he will paint the wall behind it. We're giving ourselves tomorrow off, although I haven't told him that actually I quite fancy just spending the whole day in bed.

    Off to put a tray dinner in the oven and chop up some broccoli.

  • Nearly forgot to say whilst whingeing, that I hope Diane is going to be OK over the next hours, that sounds horrendous. Please take care Diane, if you can read this xx

  • Just a quick reply as have had several family visitors ( unexpected!)
    Am up to date with all your news - thank you.
    I'm sorry that things have come to this, with H and M. It must be so difficult, as an American with a ' can and will do' attitude to fit in with the rather different way that our RF do things.
  • But maybe hasn't given it long enough :-(
    I agree, awful for HM with everything else going on....
  • LINDA - sorry about the ears - take care not to let it make you dizzy when you have jobs like that to do. Amazing what we all find in the backs of cupboards! Enjoy your "day off" tomorrow, however you spend it!

    Just found out on Facebook that (along with several parts of Dumfries and Galloway) our River Annan burst its banks today - don't know whether Port Street area of the town flooded this time. J walked to town and successfully bought new slippers; he said the heavy rain turned to spasmodic heavy showers - and the wind seems to have abated at last.
  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    OG Do hope Js surgery goes ahead on the 18th. Not too long for you to wait.