Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 December 2019


The moon turns full on 12 December (11 December for you, Annette and bjane), and it's called the "Cold Moon." 

Everyone have a wonderful week and don't stress over the upcoming holiday. 

  • Diane:  Thanks so much for starting us off.  It's been hectic today!  A Gold Moon then....  I'll try to remember.

    Lindybird: Very smart to take photos of all the connections and attach labels.  Hope it all comes together again smoothly.

  • Good Morning. Thanks to Diane for beginning a new week - the festivities sound a lot nearer, now!

    Annette - the pc is in cardboard boxes but I'm trying to be optimistic about its rebirth! I can't send or receive emails on my most used account, without it.  Although I do have another small account which I use on here, (my tablet) mainly for receiving adverts from companies I buy from!

    Dry here after a windy night - I hope those in the south of UK are all OK after the storm they had. Have a peaceful Sunday everyone.

  • A storm down south? hadn't heard about that one. we up here had roaring winds yesterday evening - another letter box taping exercise. We learnt about labelling joints etc when we had a tent - usually just colour coding, but it always worked - and have always taken photos of back of computers. Think we should do same at back of new TV too!

    Started bright so will go to church - don't so much mind getting wet on the way home.
  • Storm is forecast for today, Wales and the West. Last night it was very stormy here, high winds and lots of rain. I heard a crashing noise and saw that two panels of next door's side gate had been blown out and were lying on the ground. I was worried about my dodgy fence (still not replaced, long story) but the wind was coming 'up the glen' - almost West - so fence was spared.
    I was hoping that OG had managed church - good to see that it happened!

  • A storm down south? I'm almost as far south as you can get, in West Sussex, OK, we had a lot of rain overnight, and some quite high winds this morning, but the sky is blueish/greyish and the sun is trying very hard to break through - and occasionally winning! I think the south west is less fortunate, so perhaps they are getting the storm.

    Feeling quite pleased with myself this morning. Got back from church early (in spite of having to print yet more magazines!) and broke down some very tough boxes for the recycling paladin, cleaned an elderly microwave, together with a sort of cooker that says it does everything (which I have only used twice - too awkward to clean after use!) and packed them up to take to our local homeless shelter tomorrow. They are both in perfect working order but I don't use them, so would rather they went to someone who will - and it leaves me more room in the kitchen!

    Lindy, your book cull is rubbing off on me! I am looking carefully at all sorts of things and questioning whether I use them/need them and whether they would be of more benefit to someone else. Or even whether they have reached the end of their useful life. As time passes I find myself wanting less 'stuff' and more empty space to enjoy the things I value. For someone who has been a lifetime hoarder - 'it may come in useful sometime!' - this is a complete revelation for me, and I'm enjoying it!
  • Well done, Pat!! I do enjoy having things looking tidy, but yes, I'm a lifetime hoarder, too. The two things don't really fit together well, so I have an almost daily battle to try and throw stuff away.

    I thought the storm was going to be last night, as it was very windy here, and I'd heard it was scheduled to hit South Wales and the West of England, but maybe it's going to be later today.

    Hope OG made it to church. Not too bad for weather, there, I think.

    My OH set to and ripped both the carpets out this morning, moved my big shoe cupboard (Yes, I do have one!!!!) and then hoovered and wiped everything. Now we've had lunch, he's painting the radiators and skirtings.

  • Reading back again, I hope the storm is not too damaging for you, Heather.

    Been loving the charming film clip of a home made Christmas advert for a hardware shop, made by the owner and starring his dear little boy. Look it up on YouTube if you can. It's been a big hit around the world.

  • I've seen it, LINDY, so sweet.
    PAT - well done on getting rid of stuff that you don't ever use. I'm not a hoarder, except for certain sentimental items - sometimes I think it is laziness on my part as the less clutter that is around, the less housework is needed!
    Everything is very wet outside, have to put bins out shortly.
  • PAT/LINDY - my OH was a hoarder and my brother is ditto. I'm not critical at all but both found as they were getting older it took longer to sort things out, mentally and physically...
  • Heather - That's interesting. I'm finding it easier to sort things out now than I did a few years ago. I guess it's another proof that we're all different.