Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 17 November 2019

  • Happy Birthday Heather!
    I do hope OG feels better soon!
    Annette - I, too have been scheduling my cleaning around rooms that have a TV,
  • Just popping in to say thankyou, all, for birthday wishes and to LINDY for the poem !
    My visitors leave at 7am tomorrow so it will be an early night for all.
  • Heather, Hope you've had a good day today--Happy Birthday!
    Sorry to hear that OG is feeling worse. Hope the antibiotics work and that she has some live yoghurt and/or acidophilus tablets or capsules to help restore some of the good bacteria.

    Kind regards, 


  • In reply to Heather B:

    Heather B - thanks for the update. She really is going through the mill at present. Hope she starts to feel better soon Hope you are well inyourself too. Belated Happy Birthday as well. 47 how we all wish we could be that at times.

    I tell you what - since my cataract op I am seeing things more clearly and virtually glasses free, the only down side is that I can see where things are dirty and I have missed them.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Lynette:  Oh dear - seeing more dirt is a considerable downside.

    bjane:  So a busy TV week what with impeachment investigations and yet another debate. How do these people expect us to do gardening, grocery shopping, etc?  :-))

    Heather: Hope the Danes weren't too exhausting.  Do say Hi to OG from me (and everyone else).  Let us know how she's doing.

    Barreled through the living room and actually did the kitchen too today - and I'm talking cleaning refrigerator shelves, etc... (Now I only have to put some food in it!)   Will look at spills/drips on lower cabinets tomorrow as light was at wrong angle by the time I got to them.

    .Hallo to all and thanks for your news.

  • Happy Birthday for yesterday Heather and get well soon OG. Ive been coughing all night so not at work today. Wrapped up and went into garden to fill bird feeder and had to pour boiling water on the bird bath as it was frozen solid. Keep warm all.

  • Good Morning All. Couldn't get on here on either my tablet or my phone, so am now on the desktop again....

    Harelady, sorry to hear that you're not feeling too good. Hope it soon clears up. Keep warm!

    Lynette: I dread being able to see better, as I'm finding that if I take off my glasses and peer at things they really are considerably dirtier than I thought! Glad you're feeling the benefit, though.

    Awoke to a solid frost here this morning: fields and hedges white over and my OH must have had a cold start to go out to golf today, but he left me in bed to sleep in. I'm trying to find the Christmas cards I bought in the January Sales, so that I can finally get on with my card writing: I had recently bought some from the RSPB but I wanted to send some different designs to different folks. Also starting to look for the things I have squirreled away as small presents for people.

  • ps Hope that Heather's visitors get away alright, and that its not been too tiring having them to stay. They sound like lovely people.

    Thoughts also with OG and Family, hope things are improving and they are soon all on the mend.

  • Hi everyone
    Yes, my visitors left at 7am and I am shattered! They were a joy to have here but I'm quite lazy these days, have got used to rising later and retiring earlier than in the old days! A good night's sleep (!) should help. I don't know about anyone else but if I'm seriously tired, I feel seriously weepy!

    I've read back, thank you for your news.
  • Heather - sending a big hug. Hope you have a really good night's sleep and are feeling a lot better tomorrow. I know what you mean about feeling weepy when tired ... early night for you, my girl!

    Hope OG is feeling better today.