Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 17 November 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

  • Hey Diane! Thank you!!! :-)

    I decided that it was a choice between move or clean the house, so chose the latter. Did the bedrooms this morning and will attack the bathrooms tomorrow. Oh fun. What a shame about the Veuve Cliquot. We have a much more modest bottle of bubbly - somewhere - and any wine doesn't really last long enough to spoil!! :-)   I see that Prince Andrew has been busy on telly!  What a twit.

    Have a good Sunday all.

  • Good Morning. Dry but misty here.

    Thank you to Diane for being so diligent in starting us off again. Have a good week yourself Diane!

    Annette, I'm dusting around a bit more thoroughly hoping to get things in shape, too. Prince Andrew is on TV as I write, and the commentators are saying that he's only made things worse. I should think that HM The Queen and Prince Charles are in despair..... They're just saying that even the setting was wrong, as the opulent room in the palace just made him look arrogant.

  • Good morning, all. Thanks to Diane for starting us off. Looks a bit misty out there - I was hoping for sunshine for my drive across Ashdown Forest. May not be able to see Pooh and his friends in the mist! As long as I can see the sheep before I run into them ...

    Lovely walk yesterday through woodland with dappled sun on the autumn leaves. We got a bit lost - I accused my friend (with a laugh!) of leading me astray, then ploughed through thick mud before reaching a marker post I recognised (she didn't!) and we arrived back at the start. Almost five miles through mud is not easy, so we reckoned we had earned our lunch and the huge piece of carrot cake at the end!
  • Enjoy your drive today, Pat: I bet the forest will look gorgeous, with the remains of the leaves. Your walk sounds good, well done on getting back in one piece!

    Bonnie has been jumping up and down, squeaking, We think she can see a rat poking around at the bottom of the garden, as there have been some sightings in the neighbourhood lately. They come to see what we have put out for the birds, although I never put anything on the ground because of course the dog would eat it.

  • Morning all:  

    PatO: Five miles through mud doesn't sound like much fun!   I love carrot cake; daren't do more than look at it.

    Lindybird:  Re Prince Andrew's 'honorable' intentions, I was saying to my OH that we think we have family issues!!  Do feel sorry for the Queen though; poor old dear has lived up to the awful constraints of her position all these years and doesn't need yet another annus horribilis.

  • Annette: Actually it was quite fun, in a rather masochistic kind of way! Possibly better in hindsight than at the time. And the carrot cake took away all the pain …

    My drive across the Ashdown Forest this morning was beautiful. But not a single sheep, which is quite unusual. Lovely views and colours, though. I just wish other cars wouldn't keep trying to push me - it's a 40mph limit which I keep to (just polished my halo!) but others want to go faster. They shouldn't get behind me, then!!
  • There's always someone who wants to go faster, Pat :-( Glad you enjoyed your drive.

    It's been damp and showery here: we stayed indoors and my OH has been repainting some of the wallpaper where Bonnie has made it grubby near the dining room door. Had a nice salad for lunch, and a bought cheese & onion quiche tonight, so no cookery today!

    Some of my strange skin problems have abated, but I'm still having problems with my wedding ring, which I'm considering having cut off, as I can't take it off and haven't for years. Best perhaps to do away with it and buy a bigger one! I'm relieved that one of my sore patches is not anything sinister, as it was on a delicate part of me, and could have indicated breast cancer. Which was why I got worried and saw the doc. She said wait and see. It seems to be responding to the cream.

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Hi all. Oh Lindy, he is a naughty boy and he knows it but what a farce of an interview. Hope he has learnt his lesson.

    Been a much pleasanter day today. Skived from church as OH was going to the rugby and needed some sustinence beforehand. They won.

    Oh forgot to thank Diane for starting us off again, always on the ball.

    Pat O - I've noticed how vibrant the autumn colours are this year, due to wet and warm weather at the right time I think.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Good Morning. Dry and sunny here.

    Lynette, I think the Prince lives in a world of his own, and has no sense of what he's done: he only did the interview as a damage limitation exercise. I doubt he'll ever learn anything.

    We opened our other bottle of champagne last night, this time Pol Roger. It was alright! So we had two glasses each and put a stopper in it, so we can enjoy the remainder another day. Now looking forward to having a bit of a spend on some new carpets etc.

  • How the Other Half Live! as my mother used to say! Sounds very decadent when you see my post, above. Not something we do on a regular basis, which is why the bottles were so old.

    Dry and sunny here still so I have the washing machine doing overtime and we will both do some gardening. Just been looking at shower units as our old electric shower has been punished every day for many years and now needs replacement - for once, my OH will not do the work himself so we will get in a plumber we know to fit a new one.

    Hope that OG and family are still improving, especially J. and that they have had a reasonable weekend.